Polylang- WordPress Multi-Language Plugin [Complete Setup Guide]

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin
Polylang Plugin

This amazing plugin called Polylang Plugin empowers us to produce a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. We can compose posts, pages and create categories and post tags as usual, and then determine the language for each of them.

Language should not be a barrier to understand a site. So, a feature like this plugin is really wonderful for people who may know only one particular language. The site and the content of the site can be viewed in the language that a person prefers or knows.

This plugin is top rated and has many installations at present. You are free to add as many as languages you want to using this plugin.

Installation of the plugin

Like other added plugins on a site, this needs to be installed and activated. The steps for the same are-

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin
Adding Polylang plugin

Add plugins to the existing plugin set. For that, go to the DASHBOARD- Click on PLUGINS- Click on ADD NEW.

Then after that you need to type for the name of the plugin which is POLYLANG in the search bar of the window like this.

Finding the plugin

See here, the first option is the Polylang plugin. Click on the Install button first. Then click on the ACTIVATE button next. You have successfully installed the plugin.

Now let us proceed to the further options.

Using the Plugin

Click on the LANGUAGES option in the DASHBOARD. Then click on Language in that options list to obtain a settings bar like this.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin
Language setting bar

Here you can see that in the language section only English is there. The star near to it means that it is the default language. Also you can see the Add language near to that. Choose the language of your need from the list of the options available. Say you chose Portuguese here.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin
Choose a language here

You can look in the drop down box and choose and language.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin

After choosing the language go for Add new Language button like this so that you can add it in the list.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin
after adding new language

You can see here that Portuguese language is visible here down to English. It means that the new language has been added.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin

Now select the Pages option in the Dashboard to see the pages on your website. From them you can choose the pages that you would want to convert into other language.

You can see the flag of of Portugal next to that of the default one which means the new language added. The tick means that the language is present in that language. The plus sign means that the page is yet to be converted.


The Polylang does not automatically convert content to any language. It is there to help manage the pages of the other language. Thus, you need to manually convert the content to the language you have added all by yourself. Therefore, this plugin just helps you to manage the pages which may be in more than one language.

Converting into other language

You can use Google translate and then add the content to the new page created. The new page will be created when you press the plus sign next to the tick symbol.

Here you can see that the introduction page is converted into Portuguese language. So, you can convert the pages like this. Manually you will have to add the content in another language.

Handling the language in the website

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin

Click on the APPEARANCE option in the Dashboard section of the page. In that click on the MENU option and then arrange the menu.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin

You can see all these menus in the APPEARANCE of Dashboard. Then you need to tick on the Languages section and Click on the Add to the Menu option. Then click on the Secondary menu English and proceed.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin

Here you can see that in the language section there are some checkboxes available. You can tick the required ones from them. Also, you get the menu settings below to that. You can select the settings you want.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin

After all the options click on the Save Menu and then proceed further to see the changes reflected in the website. Refresh the website to see the change.

Polylang- WordPress Multi Language Plugin

Here, you can see that a new flag is there with the default option. So choose the option required. This is the website created for the demo process. You can add this functionality to any page you want. It is very flexible. So when you press that flag, the page gets translated to Portuguese language.


Polylang plugin helps to manage the pages in different language. It cannot do anything to convert the content into different language. For that purpose, install Lingotek.

Lingotek can help to convert the content in another language. The content of the page can be translated using lingotek. Lingotek is free only for limited number of words. For translating more words, you may upgrade it into the Premium version.

Choose Lingotek from the Languages option in the Dashboard. From that choose Lingotek. What you see below is the free version of this add on.


This is the screen you will see initially for the free version. Here there are word limits to translate. However, if you need to convert more words, you need to upgrade the add on to the paid version.

In a hurry? Watch this video that covers the entire installation and other processes regarding the Polylang plugin.

Educate WP video

This was all about the Polylang plugin that you need to know. In case, you got the required help, do let us know y commenting or sharing our post. Also you can ask queries if you have any!

Edited by Vishnu Peethambaran

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