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Jetpack is a successful WordPress plugin created by Automattic, the creators behind WordPress. The plugin produces several of the important traits available on WordPress.com. And thereby offering considerably to the development of WordPress powered blogs and websites.

If you started on a WordPress blog, you may be familiar with some of the plugins. But Automattic has come up with the Jetpack plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs. And has added many of WordPress.com’s features into our WordPress.org blogs.

Jetpack brings the uniqueness of WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress platform. The plugin has exceptional qualities that will help you lower down at least 10 unnecessary plugins on your blog. Jetpack consistently updates and adds new features to its plugin.

Jetpack comes with many modules that you can enable and disable individually. WordPress team occasionally adds new features.

Custom CSS

Editing the core CSS files of a WordPress theme is rarely the best approach to modifying a WordPress theme. But mistakes can be made which damage the theme, and customizations can be lost if the theme is updated.

Editing, altering, and customizing can be done without changing the theme’s core CSS files with the Jetpack Custom CSS feature. Corrections can be made easily. And moreover, revisions can be done faster. Therefore restoring the CSS back to default will not be a problem either!

Another feature offered by this plugin is the ability to add a Twitter sidebar widget. And adding a quick social media sharing button is all part of the jetpack features. Jetpack plugin is indispensable for your WordPress blog.

Features of Jetpack Plugin:

wordpress jetpack plugin
Source: WordPress Jetpack Plugin
  • WordPress.com Stats: A great way to look into the data of your blog. Use this in connection with Google Analytics.
  • Jetpack Comments: This feature offers you to disable the WordPress default commenting system in approval of the Jetpack commenting system. It offers social media logins. Many are not in favor of the commenting system. But if you are using stock WordPress themes, then having a social login feature on your comment forms is very useful.
  • Subscriptions: And here comes a great feature of the Jetpack plugin. The Subscription attribute lets your viewers quickly subscribe to your blog’s new content via a box in the comment section. Newsletter sending in the plugin gives you minute control, but it’s still pretty helpful. Normally, when you comment on other blogs, you use that checkmark to subscribe.
  • VaultPress: It is one of the premium WordPress backup solutions offered by Automattic. Some have used it in the past and was not really happy with their performance. Some changes have been made. Now, with the Jetpack plugin, you can immediately configure VaultPress and maintain a backup of your website.
  • Mobile Theme: These attributes will make your site mobile-friendly by offering an active layout.
  • Auto-Publicize Feature: This module will let you automatically share your latest blog post on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Widget Visibility: This is an amazing feature that will let you control your widget visibility.
  • Carousel: This characteristic of the Jetpack plugin will allow you to modify the normal image gallery into an event.


People want features all the features. And because it’s WordPress, and since WordPress is free, they’re hoping that they can get those features for free. And that’s when Jetpack comes into play because it has a ton of features that is free. Therefore Jetpack is one of those plugins you definitely want on your website. And it’s not just because it’s free, but because of its functionality!

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