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WordPress has announced its new version named WordPress 5.6 “Simone”. As always WordPress has updated a bunch of new features that are making it more awesome. Let us discuss more the WordPress 5.6 features and more on why it is special.

WordPress 5.6 was released on December 8, 2020. WordPress 5.6 comes with more focus on layout, improvements in video embedding, block editing features and more.

One of the major update is the new theme Twenty Twenty One

WordPress 5.6 features : 2021 theme
Twenty Twenty One

The theme comes with a soft pastel colour palette. Also, the theme satisfies features of accessibility and also comply with the standards for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at level AAA.

Let us about the rest of features of WordPress 5.6.

  1. Application Passwords
  2. Automatic Updates
  3. Beta support for PHP 8
  4. Customisation for block patterns & layout flexibility improvements
  5. Updates to JQuery
  6. Video captioning & embedding improvements

1. Application Passwords

Application Passwords is a new system introduced by WordPress to use WordPress API to grand authentication to different instances of your website. With the help of application passwords system, users will gain access to the website by not directly providing the passwords. Application passwords can be revoked for each application individually.

It uses API requests such as REST API and XML-RPC and it is to be noted that these will not work for regular sites.

You can read more about Application Passwords here

2. Automatic Updates

This might come as quite a relief to many of us. Automatic updates were a forbidden area for admins whereas it was only accessible by developers so far. Now you can just turn on auto-updates for any new WordPress release right from your dashboard.

3. Beta Support for PHP 8

The new version, WordPress 5.6 features compatibility with PHP 8. Now that’s a piece of good news right.

Even though the updates have been rolled out, the full compatibility is yet to be aligned with the plugins and themes.

You can read complete details about the PHP 8 update here

4. Customisation for block patterns & layout flexibility improvements

With the new update, we have more UI improvements in WordPress. There are more options to customize the block patterns.

In the block editor, we can see improved features for video positioning, enhancements to other block patterns, dragging and dropping etc.

5. Updates to jQuery

WordPress now features new updates to the jQuery version which means that plugins or themes might cause errors. We know that’s not good news.

But there is an option to troubleshoot any issues caused by this. You can either run an advance test in order to avoid this or you can use jQuery migrate plugin from here for a temporary switch.

Read more on jQuery updates here

6. Video captioning & embedding improvements

WordPress 5.6 features

With more improvements in blocks, video blocks have seen some rich changes. You can now add captions or subtitles to videos by uploading the required files. This essentially adds more accessibility to the video content. The same goes for embedding videos and posts.

Oh! We forget to tell you why it’s special. The developer team behind WordPress 5.6 release is an all-women squad 🙂 Way to go!

You can read in detail about the WordPress 5.6 updates from the official WordPress website.

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