WordPress 5.6.1: Bug Found

WordPress 5.6.1 introduces a new bug that is affecting the posts & pages. The bug is causing trouble when saving a page or post showing a pop up that says “Leave Site? Changes you made may not be saved”.

The bug was first reported on the WordPress support forum.

Most of the users were affected by this bug. One thing that worked was reverting the website back to the older versions.

Also, some users reported that the bug was found only in browsers using Chrome.

WordPress 5.6.1 Bug: Changes you make may not be saved

“Leave Site? Changes you made may not be saved.”

This was the most common error most of the users found while working on pages and posts.

As the error was mostly shown for users using the classic editor, some changing the editor to Gutenberg were able to rectify this issue.

However, this WordPress 5.6.1 bug has made many users unhappy. The trouble was when editing posts.

It was also reported in a group that turning off the Advanced Custom Fields plugin helped to prevent the warning from showing up. Even though, the issue was not really solved. Most of the developers assume that the error is coming from the WordPress core.

A temporary solution was made by releasing a patch that needs to be added to the functions.php file. Still, this was not an official release.

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