How to Create Products Filter for WooCommerce using Woof(Free Version)?

Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to shopping. Filters are very common on any online website. When you shop online, filters play a very important role. You may like to choose a product depending upon many things for which filters are a great help. WOOF- Products Filter for WooCommerce (Free Version) is what we would discuss here.

Let us see how to use this plugin and also how to install it in the first place.

About WOOF-

WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin Products Filter (WOOF) is a very useful plugin for WooCommerce that enables your site consumers to filter goods by categories, attributes, products tags, products custom taxonomies and price.

This also carries the most modern version of the WooCommerce plugin. It is one of the must-have plugins for your WooCommerce supported online store. Thus, due to this, it gets maximum flexibility.

Installation of WOOF

Like all other plugin installation, this plugin can also be installed very easily without much effort.

Go to the DASHBOARD- Click on Plugins- Click on Add New. Then type the name of the plugin you will want to add. Here you can type WOOF so that you will get this plugin in the below box.

This is the screen you will get while you do the first step of installation.

See here, you can see the Woof – Product Filter for WooCommerce here. You have to next click on INSTALL- ACTIVATE button visible near the plugin. Then your plugin will be automatically installed and activated after that.

After activating the plugin, you can see this window given below.

Settings of WOOF

Then you need to scroll down to find your activated plugin- WOOF- Product Filter for WooCommerce. Then you need to click on Settings there to move into settings.

Here you can see the settings below the WOOF near to the documentations section.

This is the window you will see after clicking the settings option. Here you can see the kinds of buttons present- Radio. Then there are many options along with that too. It also has a number of tabs available on the top if you see it in detail. You can select the product categories, product colors and so on. Just tick onto them to choose them.

See you can tick on these boxes as you like. Then drag down to click on save changes.

Then next you should click on APPEARANCE on the Dashboard. Choose WIDGETS from it.

You can see where you will get those options as shown in the image above. In the Widget section, scroll down to see a small tab called WOOF.

Click on it. and then drag it to the top right section so that this is visible on the sidebar of the website you design. It would be like this,

Then on the side tab you will see options like this,

Here you can add and edit details as you want to. Supposedly you do not want the website to display as WOOF filter or Product filter then you can edit it to whatever you want so that it is displayed on the website.

Then after making all the edits, you can save the changes by clicking on the save button. After this go to the front end to see how the page looks by clicking on the Visit site option.

This is how it will look .


You can see the side bars. Here we can see the Product Colors and Product size too. This is the change due to what we made in the Widget section.

Now we need to go to the Woocommerce option in the Dashboard and then click on the settings part of it.


Here if you see on the right side, you can see an option called WOOF product Filter settings- above the BELOW HEADER. Click onto that to get further details.


Here you can click on the Product Filter option. like above so that you get a set of settings as shown in the page.


Then click on Products in the Dashboard- then the Category section- Open link in a new tab option. After the page gets loaded, you can see something like this,


Here you can see the Uncategorized option. Under that you will be able to see Edit option. Click on that option to get into a new window. That window will look like this-


Go to Woocommerce settings part and make changes by writing the id as 5. As in the image it is mentioned. Then refresh the page so that you get to see the change in the page.


Then you can add extensions. For that, you need to click on the Extensions tab and you will get a long list of extensions that can be done. Some of them are Premium but many of them are free to use.

Just tick on the extensions that you would want to use. And they will be added. After all, just click on save changes. The extensions that are free can be ticked freely but the ones that are paid will be activated once you pay for them. Each of them has a tick box near to them. Tick or undo it as per your needs and demand.


This is how filters work in Woocommerce using WOOF-WOOF- Products Filter for WooCommerce (Free Version). It is a powerful plugin for product filter in WooCommerce. You can filter product by attributes, categories, price, title etc. You can perform the AJAX load of the shop page. If you think that you will need video assistance to know all these procedures in detail then do not worry. We are here to help you with that too. You can know more in detail by watching this very useful video by Educate WP on the same topic covered in the article.

Hope this video was helpful to get a detailed outlook about the plugin.

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