WooCommerce VS Magento | Which One To Choose?

This thanksgiving if you are planning to upgrade your online store or start with one then you will definitely come across these two words- ‘WooCommerce‘ and ‘Magento‘. Magento and WooCommerce are based on the PHP programming language and give you the open-source free version. These are some of the strongest features offered by WordPress.

Therefore, in this season, set up your store with the finest quality services by these plugins. Confused about what to use with your store’s online setup? Let us do a fine comparison between WooCommerce VS Magento to see which suits your shop better.

Let’s take a small detour and know about both of them before jumping into the comparison section.

Glimpse- WooCommerce

  • Even though a plugin offered by WP, this can help you solve all the eCommerce related issues or problems from the Admin Dashboard.
  • It blends many features like marketing features, advanced reporting facilities, optimal shipping measures and proper tax provisions.
  • This is one of the most popularly used e-commerce platforms in the world, WooCommerce is absolutely open-source. And it is developed on the roof of WordPress, most successful website builder and CMS platform.
  • They allow us to combine plugins, customize it as per the wish of the shop owner. Thus, it even balances the store to provide to the increasing traffic without disrupting the construction of the store.

Glimpse- Magento

  • It offers an integrated content management system, helps to create an exclusive customisable eStore.
  • Have you seen more than one wishlists? This helps you to set that up for your customers. Also, lets you set many characteristics to the product.
  • The attraction of this platform is that it is fully customizable, self-hosted, and scalable in nature. This makes it a strong platform.
  • The Community edition is known as Magento Open Source platform. It is available for free and if your store needs, you can choose the Enterprise Edition. It is known as Magento Commerce at a premium.

Here is a detailed comparison between WooCommerce VS Magento.

1. One of the best platforms for all kind of new establishments who wish to open up an online store. Small or huge, this is equally useful for all of you.1. This platform is one of the strongest ones for the business ideas which are planning to run huge. Used for web development and large online stores
2. This is very easy to install, set up and use. You do not need any sort of coding knowledge for using this.2. It is not as easy as WooCommerce. So, the ease factor becomes moderate in this platform.
3. You need to purchase WPML in order to get the multi-language functionality. Here it loses to Magneto. It does not have this as a builtin feature3. Magneto comes with multi-language support as an inbuilt factor because of which you don’t need to download anything extra to get this support
4. This provides a good SEO characteristic but it is not as strong as that of Magneto. So the basic version gets a defeat here.4. Magneto provides a strong SEO capability list and SEO extensions. This attracts good SEO ranking and more traffic to the page.
5. This provides a completely self-hosted platform that you can host on your own server with minimum effort. It is easy in nature and wins this.5. This is available as a self-hosted eCommerce platform but demands technical knowledge to install and setup. It isn’t that easy to setup.
6. Due to the extensive usage of this worldwide, many themes are available free. You get a lot of options to choose from.6. Many themes are offered by this too but almost all of them are to be installed via CLI. So this is a bit constrained.
7. It provides just basic security to the website. So, if you want really good security features then you may not want to opt for this.7. This provides advanced security features that enhance the site. It also provides a very good service to any sort of abrupt issues that may arise.
8. For beginners or experts, this platform is easily accessible. There is no need of prior web development knowledge.8. This needs a good web development knowledge. So, if you are a beginner, you may not be happy with the experience.
9. This is completely customisable. And it provides the users with a lot of strong page builders that make the customisation easy.9. This is also completely customizable. It offers a page builder in Magento 2 but management still requires diddling with code.
10. WooCommerce recommends diverse payment choices with PayPal being one of the most utilised ones. It is excellent for small businesses who are doing business in the global markets as they can install payment extensions with barely a single click.10. Magento also gives many payment extensions for its users. It promotes PayPal, Authorize.net, Cash on delivery, bank transfers, and even purchase orders. Users can also fix their own shipping charges while placing up Magento market to automate transportation estimation.
This is the most user-friendly platform available.This is not for the newbies in this field. So, this lacks user-friendliness.

In the battle between WooCommerce VS Magento, we cannot declare a winner. Firstly, both of them have their own pros and cons. Secondly, they can be chosen depending upon the needs and wants of your business setup. Therefore, to choose one from them here are some suggestions-

  • Choose WooCommerce for small setups and Magento for large enterprises.
  • If a beginner, go with WooCommerce and if-else, Magento won’t be hard.
  • WooCommerce is more pocket-friendly than Magento. So, if money matters, you know what to choose!
  • If you are concerned about speed and performance, then do not worry. Both of them are quite strong in that aspect. Hosting provider plays a major role in that irrespective of the platform you choose.


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