WooCommerce Currency Switcher- Easy Setup and Installation

When setting up your online store, soon you will realize that your customers would not be just from one country. Customers shall be from all over the world.So, there will be a need for the currency switcher. Let us read about- WooCommerce Currency Switcher- Easy Setup and Installation. You may find this video useful too.

Educate WP- WooCommerce Currency Switcher- Easy Setup and Installation

When you see a product, naturally your mind starts to see and judge the product on the basis of your home currency. Because that is something you have grown up calculating with. so, it is quite obvious that people want to see the price rates in their own currency. This is where Currency Switcher comes as a hero to save the day.

Why use Currency Switcher?

Woo Commerce Currency Switcher is one of the most trusted plugins used worldwide. When this plugin is running on the store, it displays commodity rates and receives cash in various currencies. It also enables your consumers to acquire your goods or services in their selected money.

The major benefit of using this is to make the users get the benefit of currency switching instantly. The customer can shop and buy things that they like in the currency that they want to. It gives them a sense of freedom to understand the price and do comparison in a way they like.

Whichever country it is, you can expand the business. There is no need to create a new store. It is completely agreeable with PayPal for WooCommerce. Also, it provides a fully compatible with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. It also consists of Seven currencies aggregators.

This is entirely cooperative with WooCommerce Extra Product Options. It also provides a provision for setting up a minimum amount for coupons, shipping, and free delivery for each currency. This allows individual fixed prices rules for each product and services.

Installing the plugin

Source- Woocommerce currency switcher

These are the basic steps to install the Woo Commerce Currency Switcher and hope you have enjoyed reading this quick setup article. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts or suggestions .

Step 1- Installing the Plugin

Plugins- Add new
Type the name of the plugin on the search bar, install and activate it

Step- 2 Using the Plugin

Choose Plugin from dashboard and then settings just below the plugin
Here, you can see the settings and change the currency into the one you like it.

Step 3- options in currency

options tab near the currency tab

Step-4 Widgets

Select WooCommerce- Appearance- Widgets to arrange the widget on website
Select the WooCommerce currency switcher option here

Step- 5 Save the settings

Step 6- Change the icon of the flag

Click on the flag icon
Drag the png flag image
You can see the Flag image here

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