Why Should We Learn WordPress in 2020?

WordPress is getting more and more popular day by day. Bloggers, Small scale businessmen and even huge companies find WordPress useful for the development of their business.

WordPress is ruling over the internet. But amidst all of this hustle and bustle, are you wondering that why do you need to learn this? Is learning WordPress useful? What would be the uses? Then read this article to know some of them.

Learning WordPress would be of great help, why? Let’s explore why should you know more about WordPress.

1. Easy to Begin

WordPress platform is very easy to use. The simple drag and drop options available can help anyone to build a site or blog of their own without any sort of external help.

The ease with which a user can build, change, update the existing features is something that makes this gain popularity among the users.

Generally, people think that they should reach out to some professional to design their own website because they consider designing one by themself is hard.

This problem is solved by this CMS. So, learn WordPress for the ease of use that it offers and the simpler tools it provides.

2. Most Popular CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. There are many other CMSs all over the world but WordPress is the most popular among them all. Nearly 4% of the internet has sites built on WordPress.

There so many blogs and websites built using WordPress in every minute daily. So, this shows how famous is WordPress among all.

There are others like Wix, Drupal or Joomla too but WordPress is beating them all in the race.

WordPress is an open-source website builder based on PHP and uses SQL. It is also under a GPL certificate, Which means anyone can work on it and add to or remove features from it. This feature allowed developers around the world to work on this open-source CMS.

3. No Coding Knowledge

Who imagined that without being a techie, one can design beautiful and professional websites with a few clicks? WordPress hasn’t gained popularity for simple reasons!

Anyone can make a website of their own as they like using this platform. Isn’t it something great? The problem of learning the codes and many languages is no more a requirement to create a website.

And this is probably the best thing for a non-coder or a person from a non-technical background. Learn WordPress to create websites with no coding knowledge.

4. Expandable Nature

In spite of having no programming knowledge, if you are able to manage a good website on your own then you must be surely helped a lot by the platform with lots of easy and simple tools. In the case of WP, it helps you with many kinds of themes and plugins.

These themes and plugins can help you get a professional website in no time. Themes might come with plugins. But there are themes that are customizable. There are more than 50,000 plugins from which you can design the page that you want or desire.

5. Personal Blogs

Learn WordPress to create beautiful blogs of your own. Be it a blog to showcase your art, writeups or music, WordPress will help you for sure. The personal blog based themes and plugins can simply make them beautiful and captivating.

The travelogue of your recent trip can also be a marvellous blog if you want. Personal blogs always stay closer to our hearts, the themes and plugins should also reflect the same.

With the wonderful themes that WordPress provides, it is very easy to create a blog that is a true reflection of what to wish the world to see through them.

6. Community Help

When you are stuck with something, you get the option to talk to a community for help. Many times, you may not be knowing how to handle an issue, but with the timely help, you can solve it through the huge community.

Community is the largest part of any development structure. If you are lost with any kind of issue with WordPress you can request the community and there is a large WordPress community ready to serve you. WordPress covers 33.6% of all websites so it is a large platform with a huge community. They shall be ready to help you!

7. Security and Updates

WP provides a huge range of security. It consists of many plugins specially dedicated for this purpose. You just need to download the plugin, use it and it shall provide the required security and safety.

There is a lot of plugins who can help you to protect your website from hack attackers. It also provides a feature of auto-updates. So, you don’t need to update them by yourselves.

Every new version comes with a lot of features and security updates. So, we should update it regularly. This is one of the very popular reasons for using this CMS.

9. Media Management and Responsive Nature

Media includes a photograph, audio, video or GIF. Including all these in your blog or website is very easy when we use WordPress. It also can host a large number of documents if needed.

Then about the fully responsive nature of this CMS, is the best in town. Be it a phone or a tablet screen, laptop or computer, all the devices get an equal response from this. Your site shall look good and appealing on all the sites irrespective of the type of device you are using to view it. Isn’t it simply amazing?

10. Free Platform with Strong SEO

WorPress is not something that is free inn nature.Free platform to develop your own website! The free nature of this platform allows many developers to contribute their share by adding features to this.

These can be then used by people all over the world who may or may not have much technical knowledge. It is one of the cool features that can be provided by a platform that holds about 35% of the websites in the world.

The strong SEO tools make the user aware of how to make it better at performing when out there on the internet web!

Learn WordPress for these reason and more. It is not something that should be missed out.

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