10 Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce this Holiday Season.

The shopping season is almost here. Everyone around the world is waiting for Santa to deliver the gifts right beside their chimney. This is a time when every shop delivery become Santa Claus. If you are a shop owner you have to make sure all the gifts are delivered right before Christmas eve.

Also, before you have to make sure that your customers have a good shopping experience. It is about the ease of access, choices available, cost and shipping. Shipping is one of the most relevant factors that affect the overall user experience while online shopping. What if you get a plugin that works for this purpose?

Customers are less likely to choose a site that does not provide proper shipping service or charges an extra shipping charge? WordPress provides some great shipping plugins for WooCommerce that are quite effective and great to work with.

Here is our list of some of the best shipping plugins for WooCommerce by WordPress.

1. WooCommerce ShipStation Gateway

This plugin is a free plugin that can easily integrate with your site to give an exceptional shipping experience. Adding to its popularity, is the ease of use and availability at a free format.

So, if you want to get help with the shipping of orders, you can definitely rely on this buddy! Even if your business is small, don’t worry, this is customizable in its own ways possible. It also helps to import orders, batch label creation, communicating with customers. It provides good integration with WooCommerce.

2. WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments

The thing that makes any order better is the delivery option along with it, isn’t it? Conditional Shipping and Payments lets you set up conditional rules so that you can mention all the convenient and available shipping carriers by neighbourhood, you can also append custom shipping possibilities as a benefit for special customers (such as premium members).

You may also add free shipping based on spending(as you can keep a cost bar above which all the shipping would be free). You can also limit shipping options based on weight. This plugin also has the advantage of many other properties provided by WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a great functionality provider.

3. Advanced Shipping Tracking for WooCommerce

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCoomerce

You might be surprised to know that this plugin can help you get proper information from about more than 150 carriers in all. This plugin plays a very major role when it comes to dealing with shipping details.

We generally see things like “shipped”, “in transit”, “out for delivery” and so while we order, don’t we? This plugin helps a lot with proper shipping details. Also, the plugin can help you display it both in notification emails and on shoppers’ account pages.

4. Table Rate for WooCommerce

This plugin assists you to establish the shipping cost on the basis of order weight or cart total. The good thing is that you are free to create shipping rules and methods. You can even supplement names and descriptions to your shipping methods. Some of the features of this include the possibility to add costs based on cart total and weight concurrently, represent special shipping methods to logged-in customers, a benefit for CSV import and so on.

5. Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping

This plugin is very cool as this is a free shipping plugin which helps you to build diverse shipping methods on the basis of a series of situations that includes the product, category, country, quantity and so on. This plugin is a great choice if you have distinct products and customers and you need some help with handling the shipping cost.

6. Shippo


The Shippo plugin is one of the most flexible plugins for shipping purpose in WooCommerce. Shippo comes with a 90-day free trial. You can continue only if you like it. This plugin uses API to import new orders, update status, track information after they ship packages. This Saas tool supports you check rates from over 50 different carriers to find the most suitable delivery option

7. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

Weight based shipping

The plugin is really helpful if you wish to estimate shipping rates on the basis of the mass of the order. It supports you to produce various rules based on distinctive store tactics and provisions. It helps to make shipping rules regarding your order.

8. YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking


This plugin allows you to maintain the shipping information and all about the customers to track the orders that they have made. The plugin implements an opportunity to demonstrate order tracking knowledge to your customers on your WooCommerce market, cool, right?

It helps to fill in shipping carrier details, choose locations on the order details page to show the tracking information.

9. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label

FedEx Plugin

This plugin can calculate an exact estimate of the shipping rates from FedEx. It helps to print the shipping labels and return labels. The shipping labels can be created whenever we want them either manually or automatically. It also proposes a speciality to encourage you to introduce FedEx tracking information in notifications to the customers.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label requires $69 for its usage on a single site.

10. Address Validation and Address Autocomplete

ELEX plugin

What will happen if your shipment goes to a wrong address other than the one it should have reached? The customer may lose the trust of your site. That’s not cool! Customer satisfaction should be the key. This plugin is a trained factor that helps to verify the address.

This helps to ensure that address of the customer is the same while checking out. The plugin also provides an auto-completion option so that helps in address autocomplete option so that customers are more satisfied with their experience. The free version of the plugin uses the APIs of EasyPost and Google for address validation and autocomplete respectively.

These are the 10 plugins we would suggest. But there are many others too. Just look for them and try the one that best suits you. Don’t stop exploring this WordPress world!

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