Which are the Best Security Plugins for WordPress?

WordPress sites are quite common these days. They are created very frequently and easily. Since the number of sites is increasing, it is natural that the attacks on these sites are also rising. Hackers attack many sites daily. So you need to know- Which are the best security plugins for WordPress?

Here are some famous plugins known for the security feature that they offer to the sites. Take a look.

1. Security Ninja

best security plugins for WordPress
Ninja Plugin

This is a plugin to help your site get security. It can help you get about 50 tests that you can do to know how secure a site is. Use this plugin to check the WordPress Core, plugins, themes for their new versions. It also helps to test file accessibility. It also helps to find out the strength of the user’s password. This also supports the users to know about the enabled mode.

The free version of this plugin may not be that effective. But the Security Ninja Pro version helps to perform more functionalities than what the free version can do. The starting range of the premium one is around $29 per year.

2. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

best security plugins for WordPress

One of the most popular plugins that WordPress has to offer, Sucuri is a free plugin. But if you want to use a version with more features then you can sign up for a premium version. As soon as you install this plugin, it will automatically run a scan to guarantee there are no malware, infected or suspicious files, etc. The things that the free version does are-

  • The free version of the plugin takes care of the security activity auditing which means that it recognises things such as failed login attempts.
  • The file integrity monitoring tells you if someone tries to make any changes to your files
  • The blacklist monitoring is mainly to make sure that the website isn’t blocked on blacklist engines.
  • The powerful security hardening is to make sure that it removes all vulnerabilities.
  • The security alerts and post-hack security actions are when a security violation occurs, the plugin will give a list of steps to consider.
  • The paid version helps you get a powerful DNS WordPress firewall. This adds protection to the DNS layer of the web page. It increases the performance of the website.

3. Jetpack Scan

This plugin enables the security of the page. This helps to find and fix any corrupted files. You need to pay $7 a month. Use this plugin to monitor and fix problems on your site. It provides many properties like daily scanning. email notifications, one-click fixations, offsite servers etc.

4. MalCare

best security plugins for WordPress

Use this plugin to save time. This comes with a complete automation malware removal process. Also, the viruses are removed quickly. There would be hard;y any slowdown with this plugin. MalCare also comes with an important firewall to defend your website 24/7. It prevents any IP addresses that have been waned for wicked intention from the thousands of sites on their network, according to their website. They provide services that also allows you to make a 90 day backup of your websites so you never have to worry about losing data. The rates start from $99 / year for one site and hold automatic malware removal, a website firewall, and complete website management.

5. WordFence

The name itself reveals that Wordfence is a firewall and WordPress security scanner plugin. This plugin has an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that aim to protect WordPress. This has over 3+ million downloads and 3,257, 5-star ratings and is one of the most traditional security plugins for WordPress.

This helps you to supervise data about website traffic trends. These reports will show you any attempted hacks on your site. One can easily say that if traffic is coming from humans, Google crawlers, or possibly hateful bots.

6. iThemes security

best security plugins for WordPress
iThemes Security Plugin

This plugin is another famous plugin that helps to maintain security. It helps to find Brute force attack prevention, 404 error detection, malware scanning and detection. If you want to have something like two-factor authentication then you can try the premium pro version. It is an affordable plugin that can be used. There is also a scanning feature that will identify any potential vulnerabilities for an attack.

iThemes Security helps to strengthen the security of your server. The plugin forces SSL for admin pages, posts, and other pages on supporting servers. The users receive a notification via email anytime there is a problem or potential security threat on your WordPress site. This plugin has good integration with WordPress.

7. All in One WP Security and Firewall

best security plugins for WordPress
All in one WP security

This plugin comes with a very easy interface. So, anyone can use it freely. Visual representation always helps to understand things in a better way. Just imagine a set of data and a graph. Which one will be easy to understand? Obviously the graph part. So this plugin helps to get reports in regard to the website’s security. It also tells you how to improve the security of the page. Wonderful, isn’t it?

The plugin scans your WordPress website problems. After these problems have been looked for, the plugin will assist you in implementing changes to enhance your security.

Another best characteristic contributed by All In One WP Security & Firewall is spam security for the comments section. Receiving lots of comments on your blog posts or other website pages can be notably useful for SEO purposes, but not if those comments are spam. Instead of manually monitoring all of your comments and deleting spam on your own, this plugin can do the work for you. This plugin is free of cost.

8. Defender

This plugin provides 2FA, core file scanning, Timed logouts for brute force attack prevention, IP address blacklisting. The pro version is a better version. It provides additional scans, vulnerability reports and audit logs. This plugin helps a lot to ensure security and also helps to prevent any harmful attacks from malicious sources.

These were our favorite plugins to answer your question of – ‘Which are the best security plugins for WordPress?’ Hope it was useful. Do tell us if we were of help to you.

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