What’s a better platform, Shopify or WooCommerce?

If you have developed a website on WordPress for commercial business purpose then you need a good platform for the enhancing process of your page. And When there is a discussion about which one to choose, Shopify and WooCommerce are quite strong competitors. The question is What’s a better platform, Shopify or WooCommerce is still a matter of discussion! So by a detailed comparison, let us find out.

Here is a detailed comparison of both of them. Check them out to find What’s a better platform, Shopify or WooCommerce.

1.This is not as beginner-friendly as Shopify. WooCommerce is self-hosted in nature. Self-hosted means that all the files and related data will be stored in the server that it owns1.This is beginner-friendly and better. Shopify is hosted than self-hosted. It is hosted and by that, it means that it helps to manage the software that handles all the data.
2. WooCommerce is no built-in drag & drop design-builder. You should install manage updates, keep backups. So the ease of use is not that much as Shopify.2. If we consider the factor of ease of use then Shopify comes with an automatic drag and drop format. Product, Sales and Inventory management is very easy in Shopify.
3. Provides payment options like Paypal and Stripe payments. You are only charged transaction fees by your payment gateway or your bank. It never charges you a fee on your store transactions which is a major plus.3. It provides Shopify Payments (powered by Stripe) as well as all popular third-party payment gateways. But it charges an extra 2% fees on each transaction made through third-party payment gateways. And this is on top of the transaction fees charged by the payment gateway.
4. This is open source so add ons are easily applicable. This provides easy integration with add-ons better than Shopify.4. Shopify has a market to buy add ons. It does not provide as good integration as WooCommerce.
5. The pricing of WooCommerce is more economical than Shopify. Starting from $13.99 a month, it can go till $31.99 for the pro version.5. The pricing of Shopify is higher than Shopify. Starting from $29 a month, it can go till $299 for the pro version. This is costlier than WooCommerce.
6. It takes time to build and settle in WooCommerce. Thus, it takes time to establish a site on this. It is not easy like Shopify.6. Shopify is very easy with its drag and drop features. If you need a quick Live store then go for Shopify.
7. This provides themes and designs too but not as beautiful as Shopify does. It provides customization options larger than Shopify.7. This provides a wide range of polished and beautiful themes and designs. It has many paid and unpaid ones. Therefore, it gives better-looking themes and designs.
8. Plugins and their integration are better in WooCommerce. As it is open source in nature it provides better integration.8. It is not open source as WooCommerce, so the plugin integration is also not as good as it.
9. It makes use of many plugins for the marketing purpose. And in comparison to multichannel selling of Shopify, it is less effective.9. Be it email marketing or social media marketing Shopify has a better grip in the marketing process. It makes us of multichannel selling.
10. The SEO of WooCommerce is better than that of Shopify. It provides a strong plugin for SEO analysis.10. Shopify doesn’t have as many SEO apps to offer, which may be restrictive in the long run. So, Shopify loses this round.

These are some of the comparisons made out of WooCommerce and Shopify. There are many other factors too.


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