What is WordPress Shortcode

So what is a shortcode? WordPress shortcodes are a beneficial attribute to solve modern problems with limited work and time. The user has the will to do anything with the codes. With shortcodes, including creative elements or applying complex page layouts is very easy as writing lines of code.

Shortcodes eliminate the need for complicated scripts. Even if the user has little knowledge in programming or coding, you can implement lively content simply with the help of shortcodes. They’re very attractive among WordPress developers as they help extremely with automating content and design creation.

What is Shortcode?

In a nutshell, Shortcode = Shortcut + Code.

Shortcodes use square brackets tags [] to define themselves and the work they are doing. And Each shortcode performs a particular function in a site. But it is effortless as formatting the content and as complicated as defining the entire site’s construction.

For example, you can use shortcodes to insert sliders, forms, or pricing tables. You can utilize shortcodes to construct page layout templates over and over.

What Are WordPress Shortcodes?

WordPress shortcodes are square bracket brackets ([ ]) that virtually modify into a captivating thing on the frontend. They give users a way to build and develop complex content without bothering about complicated HTML or embed codes.

The 2 Types of Shortcodes

There are two types of shortcodes

  • Self-closing Shortcodes: These types do not require a closing tag.
  • Enclosing Shortcodes: These need a closing tag. Enclosing shortcodes ordinarily form the content within the opening and closing tags.

Some shortcodes work with or without attributes.

The Default WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress comes with 6 default shortcodes:

  • Audio: Embed audio files on your website. It involves normal features like Play & Pause.
  • Caption: Wrap captions around your content with it. It’s often applied to add image captions, but you can use it for any HTML element.
  • Embed: Expand on the default oEmbed feature. This shortcode allows you to place various characteristics to your embeds, like setting their max dimensions.
  • Gallery: Insert a plain image gallery on your website. You can use properties to determine which images are used and change the way the gallery looks.
  • Playlist: Presents a selection of audio or video files with this self-enclosing shortcode.
  • Video: Embed a video file and rewind it using a normal video player. Mp4, WebM, m4v, WebM, ogv, WMV, Flv are some of the formats supported.

Using WordPress Shortcodes in Pages and Posts

Select the shortcode option from the post editor.

A box to type in the shortcode will appear. Type in the proposed shortcode and you are good to go!


Adding difficult functionality to your WordPress site is simple with shortcodes. They give users a simplistic approach without having to worry about typing in complex codes.

While there may be no shortcuts, in reality, there are several shortcodes to help you in WordPress. And if you can’t find the code you’re seeking, you can make one yourself.

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