What is WordPress Hosting?

Is designing a website and adding many attractive features to it alone enough? Will that be sufficient to make your website a huge success? The simple answer to this is no! The main reason behind this is simpler- lack of a proper host. Hosting services play a vital role in making your site popular among the people who would use it. And WordPress hosting is gaining much popularity these days due to that.

But wait, don’t you have a proper knowledge about how to choose a hosting service for your site? Then, let us explore that in this article. A good host is required for the following simple reasons-

  • Less down-time of the site
  • Faster loading of the page
  • Security of the site
  • Less- Prone to hacking and other issues

These points prove that how important a hosting service can be! WordPress provides various forms of hosting services. So, it greatly improves the performance of the website.

WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, a WordPress hosting is the one that is designed to work in sync with a WordPress site. You are free to run your website on any kind of host that you want to. WordPress hosting service is not mandatory choice that you are bound to make.

You get lots of features when you use a WordPress host. The easy installation and update of various factors make it popular among the users. It helps to get many useful features from WordPress.

Types of Hosts Available on WordPress

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting service gets its name from the kind of hosting service that it offers. In shared hosting service, many sites have access to the same resources. And this concept of shared resources makes it cost low. This is one of the cheapest host services by WordPress.

Sharing resources in this is designed in such a way that it provides a respectable speed as it is handled on the WordPress platform. You can easily install WordPress and related features easily on this. You can even get the automatic update service on this. The automatic updates will be on the services like the themes, plugins and so on.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

If you want to remain tension free of the hosting and managing your site worries then Manages WordPress Hosting service is the one for you! The key behind this useful hosting is that you’ll be assisted by a team of WordPress experts so that you get proper and timely help all the time.

Dedicated server is the most beneficial factor of this hosting service. They have many benefits like they provide very high speed rate. Since they provide automatic updates, the servers stay updated always. Also, the uptime provided is good that helps you to make good amount of money. The group of experts are always there to help you if you are facing any issues.

This also has some restrictions when it comes to use of plugins that are not supported by the hosts. So, when you want to use some plugins that are not supported, you need to find a better replacement that is supported by the host. And if you wish to run any sites other than WordPress, then that might have some issues too.

Why go for this?

The three keys to go for WordPress hosting is high speed for your page loading, getting a proper security for the same with updated versions of the features that you use.

And using managed hosting service would be better even though it is a bit costlier than the shared hosting service. Technical aspects of the sites would be handled by the team of experts. So, go for it if you can expand your budget a bit more!

This was WordPress hosting at a glance. If you wish to read more then – 10 Reasons why WordPress is Awesome or Best Responsive WordPress Themes and its Features [2020]

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