What is a WordPress Dashboard?

If you have started to know more about WordPress and its small world of features and uses, you must have definitely come across the word ‘WordPress Dashboard’. Haven’t you? Did that word confuse you? Then, here is a brief about it with all that you need to know about a WordPress Dashboard. It has a very vast set of tools on it to help the user with various functionalities.


A Dashboard is the first screen filled of options that you see when you log in. If you just logged into the WordPress, then the screen in front of you might look like the image given for the reference purpose. This is what a Dashboard looks like. The Dashboard screen presents information in blocks called widgets.

1. Menu

The WordPress Dashboard provides navigation menu that contains some menu options such as posts, media library, pages, comments, appearance options, plugins, users, tools and settings on the left. The user can choose from the list available as per their want.

2. Screen Options

The dashboard posses various kind of widgets which can be shown or hidden on the screens. It holds check boxes to view or hide screen options and also lets us to customize sections on the admin screen. The screen options are very vast.

3. Welcome option

It combine the Customize Your Site button which allows customizing your WordPress theme. The center column possesses some of the beneficial links such as making a blog post, generating a page and watch the front end of the website. Last column holds links to widgets, menus, settings concerned to comments and also a link to the First Steps With WordPress page in the WordPress.

4. Quick Draft

The Quick Draft is a small post editor which lets us writing, saving and publishing a post from admin dashboard. It has the title for the draft, some notes regarding the draft and save it as a Draft. You can make edits and change the content as you want and then save it.

5. WordPress News

The WordPress News widget shows the latest news such as latest software version, updates, alerts, news related to the software etc. from the official WordPress page.

6. Activity

The Activity widget has the trendiest comments on the blog, recent posts and recently published posts. It lets you to approve, disapprove, reply, edit, or delete a comment. It also makes you to move a comment to spam if you don’t want it to be displayed. Any comments that you find inappropriate can be moved so that it does not effect your site negatively.

7. At a Glance

This part gives an overview of the blog’s posts, number of published posts and pages, and number of comments. When you use these links, you will be redirected to the link’s respective page. It shows the current version of running WordPress along with the currently running theme on the site. A statement at the bottom of this widget lets you know what WordPress version you’re running on, as well as the present theme that you have activated on your site.

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