What is a Personal Blog? How to Create your First Blog?

Internet is vast and has a space for anyone with a penchant for creativity. You are one among millions who aspire to share something with the world and reach an audience. So why are you here? Do you want to start a blog? Do you want to enter personal blogging? Or perhaps you want to understand what personal blogging is. This post will help you understand all you need to know about personal blogs, regardless of what your question is. First, let us learn what is a personal blog?

What is a personal blog?

A personal blog is an ongoing diary or commentary written by an individual. The purpose of a personal blog can vary between each individual. Some want to run a blog that supports a cause and contributes to society. More often than not, a group of friends or like-minded individuals run such blogs, which still classify as a personal blog. Some have immense experience or understanding in a specific field and wish to share that knowledge with people who aspire to learn the subject. And by subject, it could mean anything from stock market trading to kite flying. Some wish to share their interests and hobbies with those with similar interests. They can start a hobby blog like foodie blogs or cooking blogs or fashion blogs. All of these blogs come under the broad classification of a personal blog. So, if you aspire to start a blog, then give some thought to why you want to blog and what your goals are.

How to create your first personal Blog?

This again is a broad question. Before thinking about “how to”, think about “where to”. You can start blogging on social media. That would mean you can start right away. Create a page on your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and start blogging.

You can also convert your existing page/account to your blog account, which already has your friends and family as followers. The choice of platform depends on the type of blog you want to start.

If your blog is going to be more descriptive, Facebook could be the better choice. If it is a picture/short video-oriented blog, Instagram or Pinterest might be a better choice. YouTube is the place if you are a video blogger.

If your blogging aspirations don’t involve scribbling on social media, or if you want a space of your own, which you control and manage, then the rest of this post is for you. The best way to start a successful blog is to own a blogging website. Let us look at each step to create your first blog with WordPress.

1. Hosting and domain for a personal blog

The first step is to purchase a hosting plan and acquire a domain name for your website. Yes, this will cost you but, based on your needs, this might be the only cost you have to endure. If you want a completely free blog, you can opt for free blogging platforms like Blogger or Medium.

But in such cases, you are still writing on a platform and you don’t own it. Purchasing a website makes you the owner and gives you a professional look that will get you ahead. The recommended hosting plan for beginners is Bluehost where you can purchase their basic plan for $2.95 per month and they let you choose your domain name for free.

2. Install WordPress software

Once you have purchased your hosting plan and set up your website, you need to install WordPress software, which is free. You can download WordPress from the Bluehost profile itself or by manually searching in google and downloading the zip file. Once you finish the installation process, you will have access to the dashboard of your blog. The WordPress software is the place from which you can add content to your blog. WordPress offers a wide range of features including free plugins and themes that lets you maintain your website in the way you choose to.

3. Choose a theme for your blog

Once you have set up your blog, you can start pouring your ideas into it. But before you do so, there are some things that you can do to improve the aesthetics of your blog. WordPress offers tons of free themes to choose from. You can download a theme of your choice and add them to your blog and activate it.

If you can shed some money, you can go for premium themes as well. If there is a particular third-party theme that you love, you can add those as well in the same way. Be wise and choose a theme that lets you further customize colors and layouts so that you can make your blog as unique as you can.

4. Install some plugins

Plugins add functionality to your blog, like backup, security, contact forms, SEO, etc. Like themes, WordPress also offers free as well as paid plugins. For any functionality you want to add, you can research the best plugin and install them based on your requirements. We recommend installing at least some free plugins. Similar to themes, WordPress has a page that lets you add plugins to your blog, download the plugin you want and add them, and activate them. Here are some sample plugins.

5. Content is King

Your personal blog is now up and ready. It is time to add some content to your bog. This is the beginning of your personal blog. All of the above steps are just to facilitate the blog. If you wish your blog to be successful, the only way you can do that is by adding good content. Be consistent in putting out blogs. Fix a schedule and stick to it.

If you want your readers to respect you, you should respect them back. Don’t forget that there is no lack of content on the internet. If you don’t show up, they will move on to someone else. That also doesn’t mean you should roll out trains of substandard posts every day.

Maintain quality. One post a week is a good way to go. Another aspect of personal blogs is by creating relationships. Reach out to your readers and be approachable and available to them. We trust our friends and their opinions more than those of strangers.

Did you like reading this? Would you like to tell us how can we improve? Do write to us and let us know in the comment sections below.

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