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WordPress is a popular platform where anyone can create magic if they have tint creativity. And with it, the time to explore the manifold options it offers. The themes that WordPress offers are innumerable! These WordPress themes make the site look presentable. If you are planning to design a website or a blog in Urdu then here is the perfect theme you can use- UrduPress!

UrduPress is one such popular theme by them. This theme is a premium theme. The Urdu language is an Indo-Aryan language. It is mainly spoken in the South-Asia provinces. It has about 70 million speakers. So no wonder that WordPress has come up with such a useful theme! UrduPaper, UrduPress and Akhbaar are some other themes available or are offered by WordPress to support the Urdu language.

This popular theme in Urdu is a very effective theme that is used worldwide. It offers many features like various Urdu fonts and styles with a fully responsive background and many more. Urdu is a beautiful language where there are many aspiring writers working with their blogs and all. So this theme is a boon for them. Even if they want to share it on social media, it is just a click that they need to make!

Urdu Press Theme

Fully Responsive page

This is a popular theme that can be used to design the magazine/news website. This theme can act as a very simple tool to create a site in Urdu. The premium theme is fully responsive in nature. It means it works on all sort of devices well and proper. Irrespective of the size of the devices on which you try to access the site, it would work perfectly!

Easy drag and drop options

The theme is a bit different than the other themes for it gives much more importance to Urdu fonts and styles. Thus, it provides such a page builder that makes it easy to use them. The simple drag and drop options let you design as you like.

One-click Demo

One-click demo feature of UrduPress is really amazing! The option is called Import demo data, it is used to import already made Urdu websites. There are many Urdu websites designed to be used with this option. They can use this feature.

One-click demo

Islamic Date and Calendar

Islamic Date and Calendar is a very attractive feature of UrduPress. This built-in feature of this theme lets the user make use of the Islamic date and calendar. This is visible in the header. There is a plugin available, Hijri that serves the same purpose.

Islamic Time

News Ticker

Have you seen any of the news, sports, stock television channels or any websites having much news visible on them at the same time? Have you seen the small information bars at the bottom of the page? Then you are seeing a news ticker. Even if the visitor wished to see a different page, this remains in the footer. This can be very informative and catchy for the users. News tickers can be a bait for your visitors making them wanting to read more of your work. It might make them come in for more of your content. News tickers are more than just the display of news to your visitors.

New ticker options

Widgets and Customisation

Widgets are small pieces of codes. And usually, we can add them along with the sidebars or at any other region where a widget might be suitable. They are simple drag and drop options. Thus they are very easy to implement. WordPress allows users to have customised widgets.

Customised Widgets

Beautiful Frontpage

UrduPress offers a very huge variety of options to choose from! Frontpage is the most important part that offers visitors a first view of the site. There are many themes available in this. Also, they are beautifully designed to appeal the visitors. You get much fun options to decide from! Also, there are pages available with proper arrangement of widgets on them so that they do not look overcrowded yet elegant with the designs.

Fonts and styles

UrduPress provides more than 15 fonts so that the user can use the one that is best suited for the page. The styles and fonts is chosen as one wants. The color and size of the font is also alterable. You can customize it.

Easy to read and share

What makes a news paper better to read ? The fonts of course! If you can zoom them as much as you want and read them without giving much strain to the eyes then it will be one of the most feasible choices that you shall make! The sharing buttons make it possible to share the news on all the possible social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. These buttons let you share easily without much trouble!

Urdu Writing

UrduPress is basically different from the very reason of it being in Urdu! So. the fonts shall be in Urdu for sure but what about the comments and the search panel? This effective theme has strong features that support Urdu in the comment section and the search panel too. This means that the users can type in Urdu their comments and lookup for anything that they like or wish to in Urdu too. Isn’t that a great feature?

Admin Panel

This theme offers its own built-in admin panel. Through that anyone can easily manage this theme, such as changing the logo, choosing the style of Urdu text, putting banners and ads and many other options can be changed very easily using the admin panel

Thus, UrduPress is a very important theme offered by WordPress. Without much efforts, anyone can create a site or a blog using this beautiful theme. Either it is a news website or something else, this theme supports every single motive. The flexibility and optimised options that is given by UrduPress is simply amazing and powerful.

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