TotalPoll PRO Plugin: Templates for Responsive Designing [Polls]

TotalPoll is a powerful poll plugin for WordPress. It supports different kinds of choices from plain text to media-based ones like the photo, video, and audio. You can simply have a public debate, ethical dilemma, contests, and much more in a minute.

Your polls will be search engine friendly in order to get the most of search traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others. TotalPoll supports a wide range of templates for every possible purpose. All of them are completely responsive to templates and mobile devices.

Nowadays, many of the online stores are using polls in order to take the customers’ opinion, to conduct contests, etc. Also to allure more people, the polls are made more attractive by adding images, video, audio, etc.

Multiple selections shuffled choices, and other fields are also added into the polls to make it more professional. You also have the provision for votes count, blind poll, and hidden results. Therefore the polls with sequential questions that can be answered with just one-click, allowing a lot of features are used as a part of the marketing strategy by many online stores.

While creating these polls, the common people have a myth that this process is tedious and time-consuming. But the fact is that if you have the right plugin installed, any poll can be created within a few minutes. So this is where the TotalPoll Pro plugin comes into use. With the TotalPoll Pro plugin, you can create the polls for your online store very easily and quickly with all the amazing attributes that you need to include.    

TotalPoll Pro plugin brings feedback from the audience quickly using polls and contests, You can have complete control over the polls with the help of its outstanding features. Therefore, the integration of many attributes makes TotalPoll Pro, the most user-friendly, robust, and safe plugin. 

Why Use TotalPoll PRO Plugin?

Ease of Use

Making polls should never be a tedious task. In order to facilitate this TotalPoll Press renders the following features 

  • Easy construction – You can effortlessly construct any kind of polls with the help of drag and drop options in a few clicks.
  • Well-organized – It provides an optimized interface where every element is arranged systematically. Thus aiding you to create polls easily.
  • Poll editor – The poll editor supports you to start the poll easily.

Responsive Templates

Provides optimizable viewing experience in all sorts of devices such as laptops, smartphones, etc. The plugin is also compatible with operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Necessary Built-in

The plugin has several built-in features that transcend its possibilities

  • Multiple questions – Several questions can be created per poll providing an unlimited number of choices for each question.
  • Supports different content formats – You can insert your content in any format like text, image, video, audio, etc. easily.
  • Voting limitations – Lets you monitor and check the voting in your poll. You can set a time limit for the poll. And also the number of people who can vote.
  • Avails touch-optimized feature.

Customized Pages

  • Structured data – Instruments structured data to enhance search engine results.
  • Custom fields – 5 different types of custom fields are available to let you collect more information.
  • Simple interface for logs and entries.

Interesting Features

  • Insights graph – TotalPoll Pro generates an insight graph that gives a visual sketch of your poll.
  • Live preview – The live preview feature displays a preview of your poll design instinctively.
  • Easy control – You can easily control the features of your poll such as Ajax, One-click vote, etc. through the setting panel.


  • TotalPoll Pro assures 100% security by actively following WordPress security standards.
  • Updated – The plugin is regularly updated, thus ensuring a flawless experience.
  • Operation – Since the plugin operates smoothly with WordPress, it can handle different loads efficiently.

Developer Friendly

Allows the developer to write the program and interact effectively with RESTful API. Also, ample documentation is available to streamline the development experience. 

Other Highlights

  • TotalPoll Pro provides Sitemap support. Therefore the polls are assured to be viewed in sitemap.xml by following the WordPress standards.
  • It is highly compatible with several search engines and many SEO plugins such as Yoast, All-in-One SEO, and others.
  • Extensible code base available that provides custom functionality.
  • Multi-lingual support allowing translations to many different languages.

Steps to Create a Poll

  • Navigate to the Dashboard, go to the Add New Plugins option, install the TotalPoll Pro plugin, and activate it.
  • Click on Poll, select the Create Poll option, and then give the suitable title in the Add Title space provided.
  • Enter the question. Add choices like yellow, blue, red, etc. 
  • Tweak the settings like changing cookies timeout, enabling quite limitations, and adding custom fields.
  • You can also set a thank you message after voting. Then finally, publish the poll.

You can create different types of polls according to the requirement of the user. The polls help the WooCommerce store to a very great extent for its effective functioning. It is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to engage more customers in your store. You can create polls with encouraging messages to attract more customers. It includes the Rewarded polls.

Steps to create Rewarded Polls

  • In order to create a rewarded poll, firstly create a poll following the general steps.
  • Now add a few attracting messages above the voting form.
  • Add the poll to the sidebar.
  • Now you can see that the poll is ready to receive votes.
  • If you want to count poll participation as points, install my Cred TotalPoll integration. And edit the settings in its Hooks page.
  • Finally, set up a reward coupon so that the customers can save it for the next purchase.


The features of TotalPoll Pro like custom fields, statistics, and voting limitations give you the full control and visibility of your poll in an easy and enjoyable experience. The TotalPoll is always getting better and better by its community. Therefore, with the extensive features and many advancements which the plugin has made in its field. The TotalPoll Pro plugin is becoming the best-used plugin by users across the world. 

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