Top 10 Shopify Plugins to Optimize Your eCommerce Store in 2021

Shopify is a trustworthy source of many popular plugins. Merchants all over the world use this to run their online store. Shopify Store is the exclusive store available. This provides an abundance of plugins (paid and free) to the users. But there can be confusion about choosing a plugin from the sea of options provided to you. So, here is the ‘Top 10 Shopify Plugins for you in 2021'.

Let's take a sneak peek at the list. We have created this for all those who are in a fix to choose one from the many.

1. Klaviyo

This is a piece of full-stack marketing equipment for Shopify and Shopify Plus dealers. With Klaviyo, you’re capable to design customised and stronger-targeted connection. It allows all to work on Flows based on dates, events, list membership, or segment membership and use splits, filters, A/B tests, and more to target and optimize.

This way, your customers will experience a good experience without you having to consume an excessive quantity of time sending emails. In extension, you can accumulate appropriate data about your shoppers. They use the data to pass exceptional experiences, drive more sales, and formulate more powerful relationships.

2. Simply Cost

simply cost

SimplyCost is a Shopify app that enables the business proprietors to calculate cost prices and profit tracking to their Shopify store. This calculates profitability automatically and placed into user-friendly report arrangements.

You can break the profit report by month, day, product type, vendor, order, and more depending upon the need. These reports make you get a better impression of the appearance of a particular store or product. To know how the business is improving, one can use this.

3. Nudgify

This wonderful tool is four-in-one as it provides the services of Social Proof Nudges (sales pop up, proof), FOMO Nudges, Free Delivery Nudges, Custom Nudges. This uses live data from the shop, including the stock levels and recently sold items, Nudgify involves your customers with real-time information. This creates a hustle and bustle in the store. It improves customer relationship.

You choose a nudge from the Nudge library and place it anywhere as you like on the page. Nudgify showcases live data, so consumers can watch how occupied the store is or how much of a product is left in stock. This increases your sales automatically. You can decide where to set Nudges and what sort of message to display. In a way, there is an engagement of the customers at every stage of their purchase. Thus, this will be reducing the bounces and abandoned carts.

You can even design your own custom Nudges. And this will give the customers considerate tips. Thus, it will also be offering recommendations or telling them through a sign-up process.

4. Kit

Shopify plugins

The kit is the helper that any shopkeeper needs. But the thing is that Kit will be the virtual helper. It suggests ways to improve performance and sales. With very less ping messages to Kit using Shopify Ping or SMS, you can generate a discount code and improve it.

It causes a retargeting campaign to transport visitors back to the store, send thank you emails to customers, and much more. All this can make the customers come back to the store.

Kit checks the products, visitors, and customers to create an informed reference for your following marketing card, cool, right? It is an official Facebook Marketing Partner for small business. The kit encourages you to handle your Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing, and social posts to stimulate purchases, develop your business and many more

5. Smart SEO

Smart SEO

What makes a site successful? Obviously, the traffic that it attracts takes its positions to the front. So Smart SEO is the best tool you can have that would help you to improve the traffic of the site. It automatically produces meta tags, alt tags, fixes defective links and maintains your sitemap. It also encourages more organic traffic to your store.

Smart SEO helps the new Shopify with Store Languages (multi-language) feature. This consistently increases the ranking of each language in your store.

6. Google Shopping and Ads

If you are looking for something to make your online business grow more then you should look into this plugin for sure. This will be a really good investment. Google shopping Ads are a very cool way to promote your business. They are simple yet powerful to use. As the world is getting more and more technically advanced, it is very important that your business grows in terms of methods so that it reaches to a mass world wide.

It is necessary to have an attention to your store world wide. Also, it helps with your growth. Google Shopping listings guarantee that the commodities surface in Google’s searchable handled catalogue of merchandises. They also make convinced the products are incorporated in Google search outcomes when possible customers search for the products that the seller is selling.

One needs to pay for your Google Shopping ads only when customers click through on search results to visit your store’s website or to view the seller's store’s inventory.

7. Shop Protector

Shop Protector

This plugin is quite popular with the feature that protects your site from any fraudulent activities. Using this plugin the Shopify store traffic is examined in real-time to defend against fake account origination and possibly dishonest activity round with regards to your page.

Shop Protector prevents bots from filling out forms instead of real human beings. It helps to stop those annoying contact form and newsletter sign-up spam submissions.

So this plugin is great if you cant protection, safety and security.

8. Refersion


This is the era of social media influencers taking in charge of almost all popular brands using their platforms like Instagram, Facebook and others. So, collaborating with one such popular blogger or influencer can make your site a hit.

Be it bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, or customers, they help you recruit, sign, and pay associates and influencers through an automatic, easy to use an affiliate marketing program. Zero technical knowledge required for all of this.

9. Social Photos

Social Photos

The customer’s photos when they tag you or via hashtags and posts on Instagram. You can also have them upload it directly on your store. When the photos are of real customers, it is very convincing for the people. So, always works when people see that normal people like them are using the products and it is working for them. It means that you are sharing the satisfied customer experiences with the world.

It displays customer photos on your frontpage or product page. The galleries are shoppable so customers can Shop the Look. That is the most powerful way to make customers buy your things.

10. Easy Contact Form

contact form

With this, You can easily generate contact form for your store with excellent customization of form fields, colours, backgrounds, email templates and more options too.

This allows store owners to create multiple forms according to their intentions(contact form, product question form, subscribe form) to raise the sales of his shop. The forms can be designed as per the demand. The Google reCAPTCHA combination characteristic improves Contact Form to protect your website from spam and harm.

These are some of the Shopify plugins that would be of some use to you. If your favorite ones aren't mentioned here, comment below to help us know it and improve!

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