10 Things You Should Know Before Blogging

The climate has never been better for Blogging. You can set up a platform to share your views with the world in a matter of minutes. Blogging is an amazing marketing tool and has the potential to be a good source of income. Blogging has become so commonplace that thousands of blogposts get published in a single day. But do all of these bloggers become successful?

If you think a bit more than the bare minimum, you might find yourself in a position where starting a blog might seem intimidating. And it is true. Running a successful blog involves hard work. And because of this, a lot of new Bloggers who start strong give up very soon.

Hence, before you begin your blogging journey, you must put some thought into it. Here are a few things that you should know before you start blogging that will help you to set yourself on the right path.

Blogging takes time and effort

Blogging isn’t for you if you are looking for easy money. Only start blogging if you are in it for the long haul. It takes a long time to find your space and create a niche for yourself in the blogging arena.

To have a successful blog that generates income, you should look at your blog as a business you run and be professional about it. You need to market it correctly, identify the demand and work on providing the supply. You should keep yourself updated about the technology changes, and spend a lot of time in research.

Do not expect your first few blogs to have a million views. Patience and hard work are the keys. Believe in yourself, keep working on your blog and remember that it’s all worth it.

Decide what you want to blog about

One of the most aspects of having a blog is to identify a niche. You should be disciplined to succeed at blogging. Keep it simple and stick to something that you are passionate about.

The logic is simple. If you are passionate about something, you will find it easy to spend time and effort on it. This will keep you motivated and you will produce engaging content.

A related activity is identifying your target audience and their needs. This will allow you to deliver content that serves the purpose of the audience leading to better success. You should also research your successful competitors.

Often, you would find a lot of information on how to run your blog more successfully or shifts in technology just by watching your competitors. But be sure that the content you put out is yours authentic and yours alone. Also, choose a good theme and stick to it.

Content and Consistency

Everything that your blog will become depends on the content. No one will endure garbage and quality always trumps quantity in the long run. More often than not, some bloggers resort to pushing out a chain of posts one after the other to show activity and overwhelm the audience with a sense of missing out.

This never works in long term. Would you rather have hundreds of substandard posts in your blog or 10 great ones? Over time, these high-quality articles will gather better authority for you. But that doesn’t mean you give quantity a pass. You don’t have to churn out posts every day. Instead, you should be consistent.

Choose a frequency that fits you and stick to it. As your blog attracts more and more audiences, they will begin to expect your blogs in a periodic sense. E.g., suppose you write essays on movies. Your readers will expect a new post every time there is a new movie release.

Instead, ignoring your blog and coming to it once a while is not the right way. There is no lack of content in the virtual world, and people will move on to others if you don’t respect it.

Make use of Social media

Social media and blogging go hand in hand. But sharing your content on social media isn’t enough. If used correctly, social media can prove to be a gold mine from where you can generate great engagement for your blog.

What you need to do is to engage and network. You can tag people who have shown interest in your field in your posts. It would then bring the followers of those people as well into the blog. You can also share the blog in niche groups and initiate a discussion about it.

The more engagement you can create would interest more people to view your content. Also, by conversing with people from the niche, they get to know about you, and the next time you post something, the chances that they view it increases.

Understand different Blogging platforms

There are several blogging platforms out there and even more hosting options. Choosing the right combination will help you get the most by spending less. Many bloggers start with Blogger or Medium because they are free. But these are limited when it comes to earning profit or customizing. WordPress is another platform that is easy to set up and provides tons of customization.

A self-hosted WordPress blog can be the best blogging option for you. You can purchase a domain name and a hosting plan from a company like Bluehost and host your WordPress site in it. The expenditure varies based on the size of your blog and the activity in it. These platforms allow easy upgrade options that you can roll out as you need.

Find time to learn technical stuff

Knowing technical aspects about blogging is a major activity in maintaining a blog. Take some time out to learn some basic SEO (search engine optimization). It is a fundamental way to improve the traffic to your blog.

SEO can seem complicated as it keeps changing and there are several ways in which you can use them, but even basic knowledge can give you a lot of push. Also, be knowledgeable about copyright laws for content and images. Knowing this can help you stay away from accidentally plagiarising others’ content. Ignorance of the law doesn’t make you innocent. It will help you protect your content as well.

Though your blogging platforms have customizable themes that let you manage the look and feel of your blog easily, it is always beneficial to know HTML and CSS. Knowing why something on your blog looks that way will help you fix minor bugs or modify appearances.

Build Relationships

As mentioned above, you will benefit a lot from being social. The more you engage with your viewership, the more they will feel inclined to view your upcoming content. Reply to those who comment on your post and those who chat with you privately.

It will help you build a loyal audience. When they share your content on their handles, you will grow further. Identify groups in multiple social media platforms whose purpose matches your niche and join them. Support other bloggers and build a network.

This will not only get you more audience, but it will also help you get further perspective and learn more. A major mistake most bloggers make is not spending money to build an email list. By paying a small premium, you can capture all emails that visit your blog.

Once you have the list, you can contact them with your new content, even give them free goodies. You should keep nurturing the relationships you create and it will benefit you for a long time.

Think of ways in which you can make money

There are different ways of making money from a blog and you need to figure out which way(s) suits you. You can have ads on your blog, which will generate income based on the traffic you have in your blog.

Affiliate Links are another opportunity to make some bucks. These are small text links that you can place in your posts and works like promo codes. If a reader clicks the link and uses a service that the company provides, you get a commission.

You can also write sponsored posts, whereby the company pays you for featuring them in your blog. Besides, you can also sell products or services through your blog.

Headlines are Important

You cannot expect people to have the patience to open your blog and see what is inside. It is difficult to capture people’s attention with all the content available on the internet.

Also, Google uses ATR (click-through rate) as a ranking factor to show search results. You need a catchy headline to make people click on your content. Several studies and statistics can help you come up with headlines that work. Some pointers include using numbers (just like this post), using specific keywords, and using more verbs than nouns.

You can’t please everyone

Lastly, be yourself. There are 7.8 billion people in this world and more than half of them use the internet. You cannot please every one of them. People will always have personal opinions and favorites no matter what the topic is and disagreement is bound to happen.

Some of them will lash out at you with angry comments. If you let those affect you, you cannot grow further. Remember that these criticisms come from the cushion of anonymity. Learn to identify constructive criticism and act on them whereas turning a blind eye towards blatant angry rants.

The above list covers basic things that you should know before you start your blogging journey. But remember that your journey is your own. You should be true to yourself and find your voice and enjoy what you do. Do not obsess over perfection. You will make mistakes, but what’s important is to learn to fix them.

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