8 Best WooCommerce Stock Management Plugins

Starting an online store is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of struggles and obstacles that one has to go through. Firstly, when you start a business newly, there may not be many products in your store. Secondly, when you start, it comparatively easy to handle the store than what it becomes when you have increasing business statistics. What are the best WooCommerce Stock Management plugins you should know about? Here is the help.

Why should you know about inventory management? The answer is simple. You need to learn how to manage the inventory. It is one of the major problems that a store needs to manage. Naturally, there may arise a need to have some plugins that are known to help in this regard. Here is our list to help you. Let us take a look at the best WooCommerce stock management plugins.

1. ATUM Inventory Management

ATUM- best WooCommerce Stock Management plugins
ATUM Plugin

Among the many plugins available for inventory management services, ATUM is an excellent free plugin that is used by many people currently. No matter whatever changes happen in the store, all the changes are made a note of by the plugin. The changes can be the number of products, prices, quantity, etc. Also, note that this plugin holds a good user ranking among all the others.

The dashboard of this holds almost all the details needed to run the WooCommerce business. WPML compatible, Advanced search with an auto-filled feature, Support for WooCommerce variable products, Bulk product actions, Inventory PDF export are some features.

2.  Katana MRP

KATANA plugin

This particular manufacturing software is a gem among all its competitors. For all those who want their business to be scalable, this is the best for them. This is developed for businesses that want to expand. It has very great integration with the WooCommerce so that you can import all the data in order to make work the inventories well.

Katana has a unique auto-booking system. It means when a manufacturing order is created, Katana MRP will automatically take possible material and designate it to the order. Also, it lets you know instantly if you can begin work or want to order in added supplies.

3. TradeGecko


This is a cloud-based inventory management system. The main idea is to provide better help with the supply chain management system. It is versatile enough to blend with other software so that the store is managed well. The TradeGecko WooCommerce stock management synchronizes with your WooCommerce sales, and stock levels in real-time so your inventory levels are displayed on your online store. Ultimately, it also automates purchase orders in your store, which can be located from your desktop or your android/iPad.   

4. Smart Manager for WooCommerce

best WooCommerce Stock Management plugins
Smart Manager

This plugin lets all the users manage the products on the WooCommerce. It also allows to edit the products in bulk. What if the store's stock level can be represented like a spreadsheet on excel? It would a lot easier, right? So, this saves your time and also allows you to get a better view of the entire data.

This plugin is available in the basic version and the premium pro version too. Just take look at the features of this if you don't believe us. Infinite scrolling, Advanced search, Sticky header for easier data management, Image preview, Export CSV for all post types.

5. Orderhive Inventory Management (ECWID)

best WooCommerce Stock Management plugins

This is another management inventory system that supplies you end to end resolutions to multichannel sellers without having trouble between diverse system. It simply enables sellers to run multiple channels from a single multicultural back end system. This empowers you to sync with various ECWID channels. You can cancel, confirm, ship & track orders from one home without consuming your cherished quality time. It offers a warehouse management feature through which you can manage multiple warehouses.

It supports to handle all your inventory in one place so you can track the performance of each and every product from anywhere and at any time, great, isn't it?

6. DEAR Inventory 

best WooCommerce Stock Management plugins
Dear plugin

This plugin provides strong features. The plugin is a multi-module DEAR inventory management software that would upgrade your business to a very different level. They can combine all the features you need to manage sales over multiple channels into one platform with order management software.

It provides its customers with a custom online B2B portal. And this would really make them happy and satisfied. You can save time by accounting process with accounting and inventory software that’s easily connected to every aspect of the business. It is very useful to use. Also, it has very good integration PayPal, Hubspot etc. You are free to do the sales on any platform without any problem.

7. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

best WooCommerce Stock Management plugins
Stock Sync

This is a good and powerful WooCommerce inventory management plugin that allows you to synchronize the stock inventory with an outside inventory file. In this way, a user can automatically update the stock levels from the external file without much struggle.

Users can also work on the product prices and update them through the external file, making the entire process effortless and easy in terms of work. You may also check out the wonderful features of this that include FTP Support, Google drive and spreadsheet support, Hourly and daily updates on stock levels, Import product information. Are we wrong if we include this in the best WooCommerce stock management plugins list?

8. StichLabs

best WooCommerce Stock Management plugins

This automatically synchronizes the inventory, orders, and any other information among various sales channels, suppliers, and all the locations from which a user sells.  

As most of the other stock management WooCommerce mediums, this is a great option for those who are looking to concentrate their sales channels to get a stable understanding of the inventory levels across your distinctive sales points. 

This not only helps to have the inventory in one place, but also this lets the WooCommerce stock management app that is designed to receive all the e-commerce sales in one place, to help you better the order fulfillment rate across all the channels.  

These are some of the best WooCommerce stock management plugins that we would like to suggest. If you want to know more then read-

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