Super Easy ways to improve the UX of an e-commerce website.

What makes an overall online shopping experience better? The experience that one gets while using your website, depends on the features that it provides, isn’t it? So, it is always advised that make the UX of your site attractive and beautiful. Not just visually but also technically. If you have any sort of confusions about – ‘Super Easy ways to improve the UX of an e-commerce website’, then as usual, we are here to help you.

1. Responsive Structure

A website should be responsive in nature. The design of the website should be good enough to make it flexible on a PC/Tablet/phone and any other device possible. This feature is what makes a website equally responsive. Almost all popular sites are such in nature.

It gives a professional touch to the website you create. Almost all major plugins and themes support this feature. So, while designing your page keep this in mind for a better user experience.

2. Categorise for Ease of Use

Depending upon what your website has to offer, try to categorize the items. Firstly, all the users want to save time. Secondly, all users want the items to be in a easily accessible manner. These two reasons are enough for your website to be in a sorted manner.

Keep in mind to design in such a manner that the user gets for what he/she is looking for easily. This increases their ease of use. This factor is highly underrated. Ease of use should be given equal importance for almost all want this to be the main factor when they visit a site.

3. High Speed

Do not compromise with the loading speed of your page. People hate to wait. Thus, we should ensure that the loading speed of the page is maintained for the quick load of your site. If there is a delay in the loading time of the page, there are chances that you may lose a potential customer if it is a online store.

4. Information clarity

While shopping from site, why do you like it more than the other sites? There can be many reasons like variety of products offered, quality and cost. But it is a general trait for people to go for sites with proper and detailed product information. People don’t like it if the information is short and incomplete. Therefore, ensure proper and complete details. Clarity is an important factor.

5. Helpful Filters

Many e-commerce stores have numbers of products. It’s difficult for users to operate, so these companies use convenient filters. Filters should be readily available and evident on the product list.

To create them, you must register first how users are seeking for your products. Some filters are more powerful than others. The price range is usually one of the most important factors for customers. When inventing the filters, it’s significant to not only acknowledge their order, but also the way to input organisation. This is a method to improve the UX of an e-commerce website.

6. Personalized Product Support

Personalized product support can assist you to conduct users to the correct products and support them to explore new ones, therefore, conceivably, growing their average order value and imagining a more reliable user occurrence. It’s similar to having a consumer agent presenting product recommendations.

Some other extensively utilised testimonial is a “best seller” or “trending” segment. These operate great because they contribute familiar facts. It makes customers assume that if other people are discovering those special products, it must be for a great reason—and those may be the most suitable items to purchase. Everyone wants to be part of a trend and they tend to buy things to be in trend.

7. Interactive Design

Make your audience interact with your site more. You may lose customers running your business on a normal and non-interactive site. Provide to the constant requirements of your consumers with a seamless online exposure through an interactive design. It enables you to reserve actively, communicate, and automate the visitor’s experience, thereby improving their UX. Some popular samples of interactive activities involve voting, choosing out a form, enrolling a location, working with simplistic tools like budget calculators, or leaving a comment on the page.

8. Feedback from your Consumers

Even supporting the world’s most dependable methods, there is continuously going to be an opportunity for advancement. Understanding consumer feedback is necessary to obtain what sections require development and obtain the relevant adjustments. Several occasions, customers even implement recommendations for correction, preserving retailers the ease of selecting the solution. There are remarkable essential ingredients that are key to producing a flourishing feedback method. One of them is having automation. Automate feedback request emails to be sent out after a customer’s first purchase and after set periods of time when the mails should be sent. This will assure compatibility and provide you to mount the method. Contrarily, communicating emails one by one, whenever you arrange an occasion to remember, can be very time-consuming and inefficient.

9. Social Media Testaments

Social proof can be determined through customer surveys, user-generated content like social media feeds, or the number of followers or email subscribers. Any information you can give that gives assistance from others can direct visitors to get infinite dependence in your reserve, in the cycle, decreasing possible difficulties or anxieties about your commodities, which presents for a greater user experience.

10. Great Checkout

The checkout manner can build or eradicate your conversion rate. Arranging users through the final steps of the sales process is completely demanding, so it must be as easy as imaginable. Some of the most common blunders are- Squeezing the checkout method onto one large page, Gathering it with too much knowledge(like suggested merchandises or commercials), Giving the users with an informal style over of the checkout method(such as demonstrating complete shipping). Many of these errors can have a huge impact on the number of carts denials.

Developing the checkout process into more modest steps decreases the pressure and provides for more relaxed sequence evaluation, which causes the method seem more durable to finish. For checkouts with a great mediocre-basket value, it’s large to promote an order review at every step (or at least before pay), because your customers may seem concerned about making any blunders if they have to spend plenty.

Following the order is finished, assign an email with the order report and represent it on the website. In the order report, it’s immeasurable to incorporate items like the bought product, the price paid, evaluation of the package shipment date, and shipment address.

These are the top 10 ways that we would suggest you improve the UX of an e-commerce website. You may also like to read-

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