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An OTP is quite a crucial thing to imbibe with the online store business. When a customer buys certain objects, they get notified and also during the registration, forgot password, purchase done, payment section etc. This ensures authenticity as well as transparency. So let us see how to set up SMS Alert Order Notifications.

SMS Alert Order Notifications

It is a WooCommerce plugin. By utilising this plugin admin and consumer can get notification about their order via SMS using SMS Alert.

The WooCommerce Order SMS Notification plugin for WordPress is very beneficial when you want to get notified via SMS after placing an order. Consumer and merchant both get SMS notification after your order. SMS notification choices are customizable in the admin panel very smoothly.


  • You can enable an OTP for order confirmation(with an option to enable OTP only for COD orders) and also an OTP verification for registration
  • The login procedure is made using an OTP. Also, you can reset password with an OTP. There are features available for OTP verification for login(option to enable OTP only for selected roles)
  • An SMS to Consumer and the admin on new user registration/signup is also possible using this. And the admin gets Order SMS notifications when someone orders. The buyer can get order SMS notifications supports custom template.
  • You can avail different SMS template corresponding to different Order Status and directly contact with the customer via SMS through order notes, and custom SMS prepared on the order detail page.
  • This allows blocking multiple user registration with the same mobile number and supports WordPress multisite.

Installation of the plugin

As all other plugins are installed and activated, this also follows the same procedure.

Click on the DASHBOARD- Then click on the PLUGIN option in the list of options available. Then click on Add NEW. Type the name of the plugin that you want to download in the search bar above. Then you will get something like this.

SMS Alert Order Notifications

Firstly, INSTALL the plugin. Secondly, ACTIVATE the plugin. Now you are all set to use the plugin. Then you will get a window like this,

SMS Alert Order Notifications

Click on the settings of the plugin. That will take you to another tab for the settings of the plugin. Then click on the Woo Commerce option in the Dashboard.

SMS Alert Order Notifications

Click on SMS Alert option of the WooCommerce option. Then you will get a window like this.

SMS Alert Order Notifications

When you reach here, click on the link above the page so that it opens up in a new tab.

You will be greeted with something like this.

Here you have two options-

  1. Register- For the users who are new and haven’t registered. You can enter all the details and register yourself.
  2. Sign up- For those who have already entered their details and registered.

Enter the username and password here and verify. Then you can click on the Save changes option so that you are taken to the next options.


  1. GENERAL SETTINGS– Where you enter the password and user- ID


You get a lot of options here to tick and untick. All are visible as checkboxes. Some of the options avaibale are-

  • When an order is pending
  • An order is processing
  • When an order is cancelled
  • An order is refunded

You get to choose the options you want.

3. ADMIN NOTIFICATIONS– For the admin notifications like that of customer notifications.


Here you can elongate the option list under three options-

  1. An OTP for Checkout- You can enable the OTP for payment options. You can add and delete options from the list. It has many sub choices too. You can click on the checkboxes as you like.
  2. OTP for Registration
  3. An OTP for Login
  4. OTP for Reset Password- Here too, you will get a lot of options to enable and disable. You can do it as you want to from the choices available


Is the product back in stock? Let your customers know that! You can enable this option so that the customers would be notified by a message when their favorite product is back in stocks.

SMS Alert Order Notifications

Here there are two choices available-


6. Advanced Settings

SMS Alert Order Notifications

These are the advanced features provided to be changed as per your needs. Here you can mention a country so that the settings are adjusted accordingly. You can also set a LOW BALANCE ALERT, DAILY BALANCE ALERT and other kinds of alerts if you want any!


SMS Alert Order Notifications

This is a premium feature. You need to pay for this feature.

After all these settings, all you need to do is shop something and then checkout to see the OTP feature functioning. You can do a trial for this in a private window. This is how you can add SMS Alert Order Notifications onto your e-store.

If you want a better and detailed video then here is the link to the video by Educate WP on the same topic- SMS Alert Order Notifications – WooCommerce.

In this video, you can see the entire process of installation and usage of this plugin in detail. This will solve any of your queries left if you do any! Also, if you would like to read more then- How to Create Products Filter for WooCommerce using Woof(Free Version)? or Best Paid Themes for Shopify in 2021

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