How to send customized Emails in WooCommerce

Having a woocommerce website and require a constant conversation with the customers. Be it marketing mail or essential mail regarding important updates, emails are the most preferred source of communication. But it’s not always convenient to draft a mail to each person on each step. Email automation is the process we are talking about.

Woocommerce has an inbuilt email sending and customizing option which is top-notch for starters. Here, we’ll talk about how can you send customized emails to your customers.
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Woocommerce Email Setting

When you set the emails there is absolutely no need to craft each email all by youself. the commerce brings a simple collection of emails that you can send from your dashboard right away. You can spot them at WooCommerce → Settings →Emails.

The Woocommerce sends emails of the interactions made by the customers on the site. These are generalized as transactional emails. These include emails when a customer logs in, place an order, shipment, etc. Not only customer get the mail but can also set the mails received to the owner/admin when an order is placed by the customer this way more alert and organized the work can go.

Generally, there are 11 profound emails available on woocommerce. All of which are editable and changed according to the need. Here first 3 mails are set to be received by the admin.

This email template is generic and can be edited further by clicking on Manage over the right of each tab. Here you’ll be able to see the subject, email heading and also the content of email in the additional content. more options will be available as the context changes.

As the mail is set to be personalized and order specific, Using place holders are ideal. there are the shortcodes used to define the keywords in HTML. When clicking on the question mark symbol, you’ll be able to see the placeholder that can be used fin that particular space.

You can also see there is an HTML editing part down the section. You can edit them as well for further modification. But unless you are very good at HTML, do not bother to touch them. as they are can be recovered also can mess up the whole email.

These emails are generic mails in a defined custom font, header, and background color. These can be changed according to your wish. below the email template, you can see the Email sender options.

Here you’ll be able to edit the “from” name and address; ie, from which address the email needs to be received by the customer or simply the sender address. Along with this, there are options to customize the appearance of the mail by adding images, changing color, adding footer text, etc. You can click on the preview to view the real-time changes in the mail. Once you save the changes all of them will be saved and applied to the emails. you can choose which mail should be sent, by enabling and disabling the mails.

This method saves a lot of complications and is very easy to setup. Other than this you can integrate other mail plugins for the email automation on woocommerce. this way you can send marketing emails in bulk regarding all the sale, offer and more on updates. Hope this helps you in setting simple emails for woocommerce.

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