How to Reset WordPress Website

In WordPress, the Undo option is a missing scheme. Once “Done” is rarely retained. Once if something goes wrong or you want to start afresh on your website, how many times have you wished to have a reset option in the dashboard?
Amidst the fact that WordPress is the most robust and reliable and simple website or blog creation tool, WordPress literally dominates the search engine. It is such a pain to uninstall WordPress and re-install it. Instead, why not push the reset button and return it to the way it was when you first installed it?

In this post we'll show how you can reset or restart your WordPress website.

Video tutorial

Reset WordPress website tutorial

Resetting of your website will result in the deletion of all the existing data, plugins, themes, pages, and reinstating the original starter site you had when you installed WordPress. For doing so you can manually delete it one by one which is generally a long implying task. Clearing storage from the server requires a great amount of task. So to ease it a bit, We use a plugin. Well, plugins makes wordpress picture perfect in creating and simplifying tasks.

WP Reset

WP Reset Plugin for wordpress

WP Reset easily resets the site database to the default installation data without making any changes. with this plugin, you'll be able to deactivate all active plugins, uninstall theme, and helps in restoration. It also comes with an easy built-in snapshot to restore files if necessary.  It has different fail-safe mechanisms, so you will never lose data inadvertently.  For creators of plugins and themes, WP Reset is highly helpful. By offering a fast way to restore settings and re-test code, it speeds up testing & debugging. For non-developers, it's a great platform.

Resetting WordPress website is simple with WP Reset. With few simple sets let us reset WordPress website.

1. Install WP Plugin

Install WPReset Plugin

You can install the plugin from WordPress. Go to Dashboard, click on to Plugins → Add New. On the search tab, type WP Reset. Click Install Now, Once Installed click on Activate.
You can keep it activated and use it later on. By installing it won't reset the website.

2. Reset website

You can open the plugin setting at the Installed Plugins and Find WP reset and then open WP Reset Tools.

open WP reset Tool

Else go to Tools in the dashboard, and in the drop down list, you'll be able to see WP Reset setting.

reset wordpress

You will be open to this WP reset home page with various settings. They also have a pro version with can actually not delete selected options when reset. Each setting will allow you to choose what all are needed to sustain and those need to be removed from your website. In the Check box, you will be able to see the plans that'll work for you.

Reset WordPress plugin

Another advantage is that you can store the snapshots of your website and store it on the server. A snapshot is a copy of all the WP database tables contained in the database of the web, regular and custom ones. Know about it from here.

As you are ready with your list of contents and plans, resetting is now just one step away.
Scroll down under the Reset setting, You will be able to see this site reset option.

How to delete wordpress

“reset” on the box and click on to reset the site. This will take up to a minute depending on the site data to be erased. Once it's down, the Website is reset and will be as new as the first installed WordPress website.


It might not be the most fun job to reset your WordPress website. The website will now be returned to the new WordPress default style. You can always load all of your themes and plugins. The Advanced WordPress Reset simply deactivates them. Make sure you know why you're doing so before you rest WordPress so you can pick the correct tool and do not generate unnecessary work for yourself or erase the data you always wanted to hold.

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