Pros and Cons of WooCommerce | Complete Review 2020

Congratulations on your new website. And if you are looking for the reasons on why to use WooCommerce then you have come to the right place. WooCommerce is the talk of the WordPress world. But wait, is it all about the advantages that people are talking? Of course, No! Here we would discuss the pros and cons of WooCommerce in detail.

So, before implementing any plugin on your website you should definitely know the pros and cons of it. Shouldn’t you?

Then what are we waiting for? Let us start with detailed pros and cons of WooCommerce.

Ease of UseA Plugin not a CMS
Free and Open SourceNo Legal Texts available
Flexible StructureHelp for Complex Sites
Additional FeaturesWordPress Mandatory
WooCommerce CommunityWait Before an Update
Cheap to UseMulti-Currency Implementation
PerformanceLanguage Issues
WooCommerce SEOTechnical Support for Complex Sites

Pros of WooCommerce-

1. Ease of Use- This is easy to setup. Even if you are a beginner, you can do it without much external help. There is no need for any sort of technical knowledge to have this on your website. The ease of use that this provides makes almost all users have this on their website.
2. Free and Open Source- The basic version is entirely free to use. With more and more functionalities, you need to pay. The immense popularity that it has is due to that. Open source makes it possible for anyone to make it better than what it is right now. Any Programmer or coder can make collaboration and make it better.
3. Flexible Structure- Be it a clothesline brand, perfume brand, real estate or a simple bakeshop, WooCommerce is your friend in need. The great flexibility of this makes it easy for all kind of users use it. From modes of various payments to any kind of templates to set up your store, this has all under control.
4. Additional Features- There are many additional add-ons that this provides. It can be easily appended to this to increase functionality and performance. There are many add-ons like WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons that help the customer get an extraordinary experience.
5. Security- This provides a very safe and secure platform as there might be a lot of transactions to be made via e-wallets like Paypal, stripe etc. Many plugins are free to be used after you download them. They blend in well to be used in WooCommerce. This platform gets frequent updates to make it compatible with ith cybersecurity.
6. WooCommerce Community- If you are stuck and need help then you have a huge and wholesome community to help you. The community is worldwide large and has many active members in it who might have solutions to your queries. So, you are always helped whenever you feel lost. Cheers to the lovely community!
7. Cheap to Use- The basic version is comparatively cheaper than any other shop systems available in the market. Even if you need the premium version that might be paid in nature, the amount won’t be that huge. So, in terms of economical benefits, WooCommerce is very helpful. Even if you have to pay, it won’t be much, relax.
8. Performance- This plugin provides one of the finest in the town. The extensions, flexibility and almost a wonderful strength to your site is the reason that this gets so much attention from all the people who want to develop a site on their own.
9. WooCommerce SEO- These plugins are agreeable with WooCommerce, along with its extensions. They implement particular functionality to attend after the necessities of your site. Furthermore, they are protected and under periodic updates to guarantee the best feasible services to WordPress users.
10. Installations- It is quite easy to install WooCommerce. It is just a plugin that gives a small world of other functionalities to the users. It can be installed in minutes using a WooCommerce Wizard. So it is easy and very quick when it comes to installation.

Cons of WooComerce

1. A Plugin not a CMS– Many people mistake WooCommerce for an independent platform. This is just a plugin that helps to set up a store. It is not a content management system on its own. However, easy to install and use, this provides a very good performance. This is just a plugin, don’t forget that.
2. No Legal Texts available- WooCommerce doesn’t constitute legal texts such as customary terms and conditions, data protection statement, revocation arrangements, shipping supervision, procedure catalogue, etc as a model.
3. Help for Complex Sites- Sometimes, with time, your site might be complicated as your business grows. At that time, you might have to have good WordPress knowledge along with that of the WooCommerce. Thus, you may have to go to professional help for this problem. And this may be costly for you.
4. WordPress Mandatory- This is a plugin provided by WordPress. So, it is mandatory to have a content management system like WordPress to make use of WooCommerce. If you have a different CMS then you may be unable to use this plugin. Thus, this is exclusive of WordPress.
5. Costly- The basic version of plugins, add-ons and so on are free as mentioned earlier. But when it comes to using something more than the basic version, you need to make payments. So, for every single extension that you implement, the premium version needs paid membership.
6. Wait Before an Update– Some updates may not be feasible with the other plugins used. Therefore, before updating, test properly so that after the update no more problems arise on the shop site. This is the basic thing that you should be careful about.
7. Multi-Currency Implementation- It is quite hard to deal with the multi-currency feature. So there might a problem for those who may need this.
8. Language Issues- There are people who might not know English, so if what they know is a minority speaking language, there may be problems for them as they would not be able to understand the contents of the site.
9. Technical Support for Complex Sites- If the site gets complex, you may need help. So you will have to ask for technical support that might be costly in nature.

This is the list of pros and cons of WooCommerce that we think needs our attention. If you think there more do comment and let us know.

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