How to add Product Brands for WooCommerce

People often consider a branded product rather than one which is not. This is because of the trust they have in that brand, which often meets quality and expectations. Brands are rising up every day and almost everyone has their favorite brand which they buy over and over again. So it’s sometimes essential to have branded products on your WooCommerce website for increased sales and it also generates reliability. Lets see how can you add Brands for WooCommerce.

Adding products seems easy and categorizing them is an inbuilt functionality in WooCommerce. You don’t want branded products to be mixed up with your regular products. So adding brands to products are essential. We’ll show you how you can add brands to your WordPress website in this article.

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Add Product Brands to your WooCommerce Website | Perfect Brand | WordPress

Perfect Brands for WooCommerce

To add brands, we’ll be using Perfect brands for the WooCommerce plugin. This extension allows you to add brands effectively and act as a part of woocommerce than a 3rd party integration. With the Perfect brand, you’ll be able to add a logo, banner, and description of the brand you want to add and creates a page that can display all the available products under that brand. You can organize your website effectively and provide your customers with a good UX.
This plugin is easy to use, free, and no ads or premium versions available. They also provide widgets and shortcodes to sort and picturise brand pages with many more feature. Perfect brand for woocommerce is indeed a simple extension you’ll need for adding a brand for your woocommerce website.


Perfect WooCommerce plugin is available in the Press plugin directory.
➤On your dashboard, navigate to Plugin→Add new.
Now search for the Perfect Brand For WooCommerce.
➤Click Install Now
➤Once done Activate.

Now you are set to add brands to your WordPress website

Install perfect brands for woocommerce
Creating Brands-

The first step in displaying brands for your products will be adding brand. You’ll need to list out the brands you have and add them. For that, go-to products and select brands.

Add brands for woocommerce

Fill out the details of the brand. This includes,
Name of the brand
Slug URL which will be an extension to your domain address where whole products in the brand will be displayed.
Assign Parent Brand if any
Provide a Description of the brand which will be displayed on the brand page. Remember to write features and add important numbers for upselling.
Add a Brand Logo(square) and Brand banner(Rectangle) for your brand to identifying the products and displaying on the brand page.

brands for wordpress

Once data is entered click Add New Brand. On the right side, you’ll be able to see the list of brands you have added.

Brand display WordPress

You can edit the details from here and view the brand page.

Adding Products

Once the brand is added, we’ll need to add products under these brands. For that, in the dashboard
ProductsAll Products.
You can see all the products listed. now go to the product you want to add under these brands and click on quick edit.

Product brand in woocommerce

You’ll be able to see the brands option on the right-hand side of the dashboard. tick on the brands you want to enter the product under and click on update.
And your product is now listed under the brand.
When you view your product, you can see the brand logo on the side of your page.

Brands in woocommerce

By clicking the logo, you’ll be taken to the brand page where you’ll be able to see the products listed under that particular brand.

Brand page for woocommerce

In this way you can add brands on your WooCommerce website and add products under them. Perfect brands for woocommerce is simple and yet very much effective in the whole process. which leaves us with a beautifully organized website for for users. This plugin requires not short code or complex integration unless wanted. And now here is another reason for your customers to engage with you and shop what they desire for.

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