How to Password Protect Page/Post in WordPress Websites

Owning a multi-author website is something that needs a lot of maintenance and manpower. This also calls for some protection and privatization of your website. WordPress has an inbuilt text editor where you can actually protect your page and posts by making it private or doing password protection. There are many plugins available with complex functionalities and many of wp admins use this 3rd party membership service. While WP-Admin comes with pretty decent protection for your WordPress website. Password encryption keeps a section of your website or your entire website safe.

In this post,  We will show you a very easy way to effortlessly secure your WordPress page or post with a password.

Watch this video tutorial-

If you want a single post, website, or WooCommerce product to be password protected, WordPress a built-in function helps you set this up with its Visibility configuration.
In just 3 simple steps you can password protect your wordpress website

1. WordPress Editor

Navigate to the page or post you want to password protect then Click on to “edit page” else on the dashboard select the page or post and then click on to edit. As you open, the WordPress editor will be live on the top right corner you will be able to see the settings/ gear icon.

Password protect wordpress page
2. Change visibility

Under the document section, the option Visibility will be public by default. When you click on the public you will be given with 3 options

  • Public- Where your page/post will be visible for anyone who visits your website
  • Private- Where your page/post will only be visible to the editors and admins who have the access to your website.
  • Password Protect- The page/post will be visible only when the password is entered.
deny access to public in wordpress

Choose the one which is flexible.
When you want to demonstrate your website to your clients and they want to evaluate that piece, so this is a great way to do it.

3. Enter the password

Once you select the category the text box appears for you to enter the password. input the password of your choice and click on to update on the top right corner of your WordPress website. And with this, your WordPress website is now password protected

Password protect wordpress

Another fun twist with this password protection is that, if you want any user to access multiple pages or posts without much hassle Everything you need to do to set this up is to reuse the same password through several posts. And the user can unlock all pages under that password in one single entry. Password protection serve a major role in woo-commerce and business websites.  Password protection could work with a different piece of content. You can see that the visibility controls are shown in the same position right away.

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