Best Responsive WordPress Themes and its Features [2021]

Are you new to the universe of WordPress? Is your mind wandering around the thousands of themes available? Then, you have reached the right place to know more about the themes and features. A theme is the personality of your blog or the website that you want to create. Don’t you agree? Who doesn’t want a super cool attire for their content? It always does magic by captivating the attention of your users. A theme can actually make your work look more appealing than it might actually be!

So, to start with, you need to get a small idea about what kind of themes and features do you wish to use depending upon the kind of website/blog you wish to create! You can make some beautiful photoblog, writer’s blog, travel blog or some other websites based on E-commerce sites and so on! Hence, let’s get a brief idea about some of the popular themes and features so that we can choose from them.


Zillah is one of the most popular themes. People from worldwide use this theme. If you want to create a blog or a website right now in a jiffy then this is one of the best options that you will have! Let’s know more about the themes and features.


  • It is one of the clean themes available that can present the content that you wish to represent in a tidy manner.
  • If you need a theme that is simple yet stylish then this one is your saviour! With the simple yet super cool layout, this theme will be your handy one for sure!
  • Bear in your mind the simple fact that ZILLAH is a minimal theme that wouldn’t be suitable for you if you want many features bundled in the theme.
  • In this theme, your content gets the limelight. They have to speak loud if you want the user to notice them. The is no distracting feature in this theme.
  • Dropdown header, content slider and a search section help the user to go through the site easily. If there is an enabled sidebar, it works well too!
  • You shall get 3-4 footer options including an ‘ABOUT US’ section with a fully responsive page, making it look beautiful in almost all devices you use.
  • It provides a very solid social integration along with some marvellous CSS layouts and SEO tools.
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This particular theme is available in a free and paid format. Their free version offers many features too. This theme is the best choice if you want a combination of speed with a stylish finish. This theme has many peculiarities like optimized code and fewer resource requirements. Let’s know more about the themes and features


  • It offers a variety of pre-built websites. This helps the developer as it saves his time and effort to create something from the scratch. Astra site plugins help you to easily access them.
  • Astra is known for the speedy performance that it offers. It is a super-fast and lightweight theme available in WordPress. So this is for those who love speed!
  • If you have heard about a plugin called elementor then, Astra and elementor combination can make your page stunning!
  • Elementor is a plugin that is known to help in creating beautiful page layouts even if you are a novice in this.
  • This provides an amazing header and footer option for the website that you are creating! Be it a sticky or a transparent type you prefer, Astra can help you.
  • If you want to build an online store then this is the perfect theme for you. This can provide a very solid woo commerce integration.
  • Grid settings, Gallery options, Sidebars, blog layouts are some of the many features that this super easy and powerful theme has to offer.
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The title of the fastest loading theme lies with OceanWP. The main reason to choose this theme is the ease with which this allows usage of cool plugins along with it. There are two versions of this popular theme. The free one is more used than the premium one! Let’s know more about the themes and features


  • This beautifully designed theme can support many languages other than any normal theme. It is a multipurpose theme.
  • A feature called import extension enables the developer to import any demos from the lists of available demos.
  • This theme is fully responsive in nature with a built-in SEO analysis, it can convert the website into the language of your choice using the RTL languages.
  • Woo Commerce integration is an attractive feature that this offers the users. With the help of that, integrated shopping cart popup or a shopping cart floating bar is available with a quick-mode that helps the users to view their cart without leaving the page.
  • All the best page builder plugins are easily available via just a drag and drop option. Some of them are Elementor, BeaverBuilder, Divi etc.
  • This is easy to install and soon after that, you can enable or disable sections via the customization that this provides.
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If a class is what you expect out of your website, then this is exactly what you need! This theme is simply an amazing treat for the eyes. The elegance of the theme can grab anyone’s attention for sure! If you wish to create a site to showcase an outstanding personification of grace then this is must for you! Let’s know more about the themes and features


  • This is a clean, modern theme offered by WordPress. It comes with the latest Gutenberg support, fully mobile responsive nature.
  • This comes with a great Woo Commerce integration, some pretty featured area with an Instagram in the header.
  • It has 6 major intricately designed demos are saviours. It also offers a set of 5 blog layouts like list layout, classic layout and many more.
  • This has many things to offer as a large number of page builders tools, advanced blog options, slider options, advanced customisation options and perfect compatibility with many plugins.
  • If you want to set up an online platform to sell products, by giving more attention to the looks of the site then you should choose this for the large number of options that it gives with the customisation.
  • The Woo Commerce integration with the e-commerce plugins enables anyone to set up a store within a short span of time.
  • The 7 Built-in Custom Widgets are a highlight of this theme added with the photo gallery, advanced typography options and wonderful customer support!
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Do you wish to make a blog that stands out among all of the others out there? Then stop looking at anything else! This is for you. This epitome of elegance is well-knitted for you! Let’s know more about the themes and features.


  • Performance is a very important matter when it comes to designing a website. For unparalleled performance, this theme is one of the awesome free blogging themes.
  • The design of the theme is simply outstanding! The viewers would definitely want to visit this aesthetic themed page for more! It comes with unlimited colour, background options!
  • This theme is fully responsive. Be it any kind of screen that you choose, this theme would just flow all over the screen brilliantly without any issue of compatibility, isn’t that great?
  • The home page highlights an image and also some very cool animations with it. This gives the page a very royal look. It has SEO tool all set in it.
  • Each post gets a full size featured image with varieties of typography and some fantastic modern responsive designs. It comes with 3 predefined header layout.
  • If you wish to start a photo blogging and would love a theme that is good-looking and chic then this theme is knitted for you. Everything about this theme is beautiful and attractive.
  • The featured area is large for all the posts, providing each a distinct stand making the user choose what they want to see easily.
  • It has a fantastic drag and drop home section which will definitely be loved by all the users. This is simple, stylish and easy to use. It comes with 8 predefined homepage sections.
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A modern, pretty and clean theme for personal blogs. This theme helps you to build up a great personal blog to write your travel experiences or any other experience related to music, movies, art or hobbies with a touch of stunning layouts!


  • If you are a storyteller then this is your theme. This supports all the popular WordPress features along with a beautiful layout!
  • This theme has a dominance for the contents in it. The design is good but the attention goes to the content in it. So it would be better if this is chosen for the personal blog.
  • It has 2 unique layouts for the posts, 4 layout combinations for singles posts along with an exclusive author post layout.
  • It is a fully responsive theme, retina ready, can be used in any devices due to the flexibility of the theme.
  • Footer widgets, unlimited colour options and a colour editor are some of the highlights with responsive audio/video settings and many customisable settings.
  • It has a pre-defined colour theme, some page templates, shortcodes and wonderful plugins!
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Do you want to try something different? Or something out of the box? Then this theme is just the right option that is made for you! This theme looks different! And this different kind of theme might keep your viewers attention intact.


  • Oblique is basically like a theme based on a fashion magazine. It has parallax header with unlimited color options and a large variety of google fonts to choose from.
  • This theme is fully responsive in nature with a terrific view that gives it an instant classic look.
  • This theme is an ideal theme for food blogging, fashion blogging or a travel blog! But due to the customization options that this provides, many other kinds of blogs can also be made out of this theme.
  • Style is the key of this theme. You can feature the best of the pictures in the featured section. Style featured posts are the highlights that attract viewers.
  • Social media integration is one of the major feature of this theme. You can link this with any social media platform. This theme is compatible to many of the social media plugin available.
  • Pinterest integration is one of the amazing feature that this offers letting your users know what kinds of pins you are interested in!
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Would you like to create a portfolio to showcase your work? Do you want to flaunt your art portfolio online? Then you are stumbled upon the right theme! Vertex is the most suitable WordPress theme for the design of the portfolio in a beautiful way!


  • This theme gives an aesthetic feel and the modern vibe throughout the entire site. You can make the users get a contemporary view of the content.
  • This theme is very easy to use, sliders are built-in for the user’s help. The theme is a responsive one, making it look pretty on all platforms.
  • 4 footer widgets come in handy to the developers along with SEO friendly tools on it.
  • The vertex theme supports almost all the plugins available. It follows almost all the WordPress plugins.
  • Social media links are available with which we can link the site so that the users can have better interactions.
  • This theme has a custom colour options with customised background options. The design and layout are very responsive in nature.
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10. VITO

This is one of the most easy themes available that is easy to use. This theme, designed by Quema Labs is one of the popular themes. It has a wonderful design and the CSS animations also give it a better look.


  • It has a very good layout divided into two, mainly. It gives a classic look to the content that you write in it
  • This provides a wonderful admin template.
  • Vito provides very good integration with firebase, agora, jwt login, social login and algolia e-commerce search.
  • This has very good theme customizer and provides many language support.
  • It provides many other features called dashboard features like good animation, optimised speed, many fonts and a wide range of contact forms.
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These are some themes that are free and used world wide. WordPress offers thousands of themes for its users to choose from. So choose one that goes well the content that you wish to showcase.

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