How to Upgrade to WordPress 5.6

The latest and the last update of 2020 by WordPress is WordPress 5.6, Simone, is here. Named after the legendary performer Nina Simone, this update has a lot to offer. We have discussed WordPress 5.6 and its features in an earlier post. Now let us discuss how to upgrade WordPress 5.6.

But, before that you can check out our video on WordPress 5.6 here.

Let us get a sneak peak to what is to be done and how should you be updating to WordPress 5.6.

How to upgrade WordPress 5.6
The highlighted portion show the link to the update

Backup before Update

Before you jump on the link for the update 5.6, we would suggest you to kindly be a bit patient. You need to take a backup of your website first! What are you thinking about? Let us resolve your doubts quickly!

Why should I backup my site?

You should keep a backup because there might many plugins active in you current website. So, when update, the new features that are added might not be entirely compatible with your site. And we definitely don't want you to be in a chaos of that. Thus, we suggest you for the safer side to take the backup of your site.

How can I backup my content?

There are two method using which you can backup. We would show you both in detail.

Backup via Plugins

There are many plugins used for the backup process. Updraftplus, VaultPress, Backup Buddy, All in one WP migration etc are some of the plugins that can be used for the backup process. You can install any of these plugins easily.

How to upgrade WordPress 5.6
All in one WP migration is what we are showing as example.

After installing it, click on it and take the backup of your website.

How to upgrade WordPress 5.6
Create backup via plugin gives this.
The highlighted portion is to restore the backup version

2. Normal Backup

You can take a backup by clicking on the tools section in the sidebar. Then from that choose EXPORT, you can export the entire backup and use it later. you can restore it if necessary.

How to upgrade WordPress 5.6
Highlighted option

Let's Update!

How to upgrade WordPress 5.6
Click on Please Update now

Your update will now be downloaded and installed.

how to upgrade to wordpress 5.6

Wait until the upgrade is done.

The final step is to update the database. Click on the update WordPress database button and you are good to go.

how to upgrade to wordpress 5.6

This is how to upgrade to WordPress 5.6 to the latest version- WordPress 5.6.

This is the screen you shall get once your update is over

Finally, WordPress 5.6 comes with auto-update option. Now you don't have to manually update WordPress.

wordpress auto update

Just enable the automatic updates after installation. You are good to go.

To check out more on WordPress 5.6 click here.

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