How to Track Order in WooCommerce using Yith plugin?

Whenever we shop anything online, impatience, till we get, is what comes the next. It is quite common that we keep on checking the location of the order, isn’t it? To know where our order has reached, we often track the order. So, for that what we need is this plugin called- YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin. Here is how to track order in WooCommerce using Yith plugin.

WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

Therefore, this is a very useful and recommended plugin to help the customers who buy from your website. They will be able to track their orders if your site has this enabled this plugin.

The main aim to use this plugin is to provide a sense of transparency to the customers. You can also let them know how professional you are with all the orders that you deliver.

Just imagine that you don’t use this plugin, What will be the effect? The customers will end up calling you every now and then to know the status of the product they ordered. It is a burden in terms of effort.

You will be very helpful to your customers by allowing them a complete overview of their orders, shipping times, estimated delivery, etc. Also, This plugin is used by 14,521 customers, with a rating of 4.5/5 and a 97% customer satisfaction in support!

How to install YITH?


WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

This is the details regarding the plugin and the cost of the offers available. So, if you want to use this plugin, purchase the plugin first. And now let us see how to install the plugin purchased into out website.

WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

As mentioned above, you will get a site like this from where you can buy the plugin. Choose a plan and buy the plugin before you learn to install and use it. There are three main offers available.

Install and activate the plugin

WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

Click on the Dashboard- Then click on the Plugins- Add New option. Then you can see a search bar on the right top corner. You need to type the name of the plugin that you want to download. In this case you can type- YITH. It will shortly appear below from where you can install it.

WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

This is the search bar as you see above.

WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

Since this is not a free one, you can Upload this plugin after you purchase it. You see the upload button on the top, right? Click it. Drag and drop the downloaded plugin and then you will get a window like this where they will ask you if you want to activate what you have downloaded.

So click on the Activate button to activate the plugin.

WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

Then once you activate the plugin you will get a window like this. Here you can see a button that asks you for Activate option of the plugin.

After Activation

WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

Since your plugin is for the tracking purpose, you will have to enter a few details here. You will have to enter the blank spaces accordingly.

  1. Enter the Default Carrier Name- This refers to the facility that is acting as the courier service that is used. Here, for example, let us assume it to be Blue Dart services. You need to enter that here.
  2. Text order- The text as they appear on the website when the user sees the details. You can adjust it as you want. Then you will go to the next blank space.
  3. Positions of the text in the order Page- This denotes where do you want to show the message to the users. You can either show it above or below in the website.

Now clock on the YITH option on the Dashboard- YITH and Orders option as you can see in the options in the image. Then you will be directed to a page where the details of the orders are shown. The page will look like this,

Here you can click on one of the people so that we can update their shipping details. For example, click on the first option. After clicking the name, you will get a window like this where you can enter all the details regarding the order. Make sure that you enter proper details here.

This will be the screen you will get after clicking on the name. Here, you can see on the sidebar some details regarding the order tracking. You can enter the details here as needed.

After entering the details, you need to click on the check box which is present at the bottom of the order tracking section. After clicking on that, the message will be displayed on the website. Do not forget to tick on the checkbox.

You can refresh the page to see what will be displayed on the website. Here you can see that the message is displayed on the top of the page. And the page displays the message like this depending upon what you choose while in the backend. This is how you use YITH plugin.

If you have any questions about this whole process then you can refer to this detailed video by Educate WP on the same topic- YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin. Here is the video.

Here are the steps about the plugin installation and usage of the same. Also, refer the video for a better understanding. If you like to read more then- How to Integrate WC Vendors Plugin to a Woo Commerce Plugin [Appmaker]

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