How to setup WordPress SEO with Yoast Plugin?

SEO is a very important factor of the website. WordPress can turn out to be the best when it comes to SEO. Just because WordPress has many plugins that allow us to ease up the process. Plugins like Yoast and RankMath are the most famous ones. But today lets just talk about how to setup WordPress SEO with Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast is one of the famous WordPress SEO plugins which is free to use. With Yoast, you can do many things that are needed for your site to rank on Google or Bing. They also have other plugins for Local SEO, e-Commerce SEO, News SEO etc.

One of the greatest advantages of using Yoast is the easiness to use. Let me guide you through the process to set up WordPress SEO with Yoast.

Step 1

Login and go to the WordPress dashboard. You will see the plugins section in the right side of the menu bar.

seo dashboard

Click on the Add New Plugin.

Step 2

Search for Yoast SEO. Install and Activate the plugin.

setup yoast seo plugin

Step 3

After activation, you will be able to see a Yoast configuration wizard on the WordPress dashboard.

setup yoast seo plugin

You might not need to do anything there since it will be automatically optimized.

Step 4

In the features section you will come to see different options like shown in the figure below.

setup Yoast SEO plugin dashboard

You might need to turn on all these features to access all the functionalities of the Yoast SEO plugin.

SEO Analysis is for real-time SEO check up for all your posts, Readability analysis if for real-time readability check for the post you write. Cornerstone content allows you to mark a page as the main page, for example a home page or blog page where you want to direct all the traffic.

Yoast SEO also helps to create XML sitemaps automatically.

Step 5

This is the final step. In here you will have to add the verification codes that you get from Google or Bing to track and analyze your website.

setup seo plugin

With this, you have successfully set up Yoast SEO plugin and you are good to go. Also, Yoast SEO allows many other functionalities which allows you to rank up in the search engines once you upgrade to the premium version.

We will discuss more on Yoast SEO. If you have any doubts do write it in the comment box.

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