How to setup Coupon feature in Woocommerce

Today, Online shopping is preferred and most of the industry is having competitors, attracting customers is key. One way to do that giving our coupons and promo codes. Most shopping websites add the coupon feature and WooCommerce has the option to add one instantly.

Grabbing attention is foremost important. Coupons are a great way to attract and retain customers in e-commerce. You can give discounts and special attention to your customers.

Well for this feature, Woocommerce has its own in-built system without having to use any 3rd party integration. Let us see how we can create and a coupon for your WordPress store.

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First and foremost, let see how can we enable the coupon feature in woocommerce.

For that, you need to navigate to Woocommerce → Settings → General
As you go down you will be able to see “Enable the use of coupon codes”

Here you need to check if this is enabled. Doing this you’ll able to the apply coupons.

Add new coupon

You need to activate a coupon in order for the customers to use it.
For that let’s say you are giving a 50% Discount to the new customers when they shop.
To set it, go to WooCommerce → Coupons and select Add new coupons.

You can enter the coupon code of your choice here and write down a description which is optional, only for admin reference purpose.

You can see 3 settings options for your coupon.
Usage Restriction
Usage limits

Lets get to it one by one-

General section-

In the general tab you’ll be able to set the discount type, coupon amount and coupon expiry for your code.

For discount type, they have 3 different options,

  1. Percentage discounts– Allows you to give a fixed percentage discount for your entire cart amount.
  2. Fixed cart discounts– Allows you to apply a fixed amount discount to the entire cart.
  3. Fixed product discounts– Allows you to apply a fixed amount as a discount to certain selected products only. Here, the discount is calculated per-product chosen and not for the entire cart.

Lets set the 50 as coupon amount for 50%percentage.
If you are choosing a fixed amount as coupon discount you can go with fixed cart discount and specify the amount in the coupon amount section.
Also you can choose the expiry date for the coupon.

Usage Restriction section-

In this section you can restrict the coupon usage in various term.

Firstly, the minimum spent amount can be set. By doing so, coupons will only be applicable for a cart value more than that amount. You can set the maximum spend also.

You might want to check the “Individual use only” option in order to avoid using multiple coupons at the same time. There are other options, with which you can exclude or restrict certain products or categories as well.

Usage Limits Section-

Here, You can set the usage limits of your coupons.
You can set the limit the coupon is applied to the first X number of customers in the “Usage limit per coupon
Also, limit to the number of products chosen in the cart and usage limit of a coupon per customer.

Applying Coupon

Once everything is entered and set, you can publish the coupon. Upon this, your customers can enter the coupon code and avail the discount.

Voila, The coupon is created and updated for your WooCommerce website.

There are many plugins available for more advanced features even though WooCommerce offers a pretty decent coupon adding option. Hope this helped you to setup Coupon feature in Woocommerce and let us know if you would want more on this.

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