How to set up Contact Form 7 on your WordPress website? [Step by Step Guide]

Contact Form 7 is one of the popular plugins that we use for lead generation purposes. Contact form 7 can be integrated into your WordPress website easily. In this blog learn more to set up the Contact Form 7 on your WordPress website.

One of the big advantages of the Contact Form 7 is that they are easy to install and integrate. A new form can be added to the website with different options available.

Step 1: Install the plugin & Activate

You can search for the Contact Form 7 plugin in the Plugins> Add New section on the WordPress dashboard. Then once it is installed Activate the plugin.

Step 2: Get to Contact Form Dashboard

Once you activate it, you will see a settings option in the plugin. You can then click on the settings and you will then reach a dashboard. As we can see there will be a default Contact form 1. You can either edit or add an entirely new form as per your requirement.

How to set up Contact Form 7

Step 3: Editing the Contact Form

If you are trying to add a new form, you would want to edit the form. You can name the for as per your convenience. As you can see in the figure below, you will get a code structure of the form. If you want to add more details like email, number or date you just have to click on the boxes respective to that and you will get the required codes in the boxes.

How to set up Contact Form 7

But, before specifying the desired sections you might want to validate the boxes

How to set up Contact Form 7

Like here, we can specify if the box is a required field or not or assign a name value for the field or a default value. Also, you can ID and Class attribute for the field depending upon your use.

If you want to arrange the fields you just need to copy the code inside the tags including the <></> and arrange it as you need.

Step 4: Setting up Mail

Once you have set up the contents of the form, you should set up the email. You can forward the responses from these forms directly to you email address. For that you have to specify your mail ID in the “To” column.

To be more specific you can add the from address and describe the subject. The message body is where the details of the response will be put.

Step 5: Adding messages for the user

You can customize the responses you want the user to see after submitting in the messages section.

The additional settings is just for extra customization codes. If you are a beginner you can skip that part.

Step 6: Placing Contact Form on your website

The form is place into the website by using a short code.

You can copy this code and place anywhere on the website.

In the most recent update of WordPress, you will get blocks where you can edit content. You can search for the Shortcode block and add the copied code from the contact form.

Step 7: Preview your form

You can preview the form to check if its looking good. If it is, you are good to go. Or else, you can edit the form in the Contact Form 7 settings page whenever you want.

Also, you might want to do a test run to check if you are getting the responses in your mail box.


Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for contacts forms in WordPress. As you can see it is very easy to install and customize for anyone who has the basic knowledge of WordPress. Also, Contact Form 7 is supported by many themes. Contact Form 7 also has good support you can avail 24/7. Also, you can avail help from the WordPress support forums. I hope you get a good idea to set up the Contact Form 7 plugin and also customize the plugin to your requirement.

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