How to Integrate WC Vendors Plugin to a Woo Commerce Plugin [Appmaker]

In this article, we will learn how to integrate WC Vendors Plugin to a Woo Commerce Plugin. WC vendors Plugin allows many other sellers to use your website to sell their own goods. It is just like many popular sites today that lets you buy products from a very wide range of sellers on the site. The sellers have to register themselves and then the customers can place orders from your site.

Let us walk through the steps of installation to usage of the plugin.

Installation of the WC Vendors Plugin

WC Vendors Plugin

You can start by installing plugin as all other plugins from the Dashboard. Just click on Plugin- Add New- type the name of the plugin on the search bar- WC vendors plugin.

search bar to type the plugin name

You need to find the plugin from the store. Then click on Install button and then ACTIVATE after installing the plugin.

The WC vendors plugin Installation

After installing the plugin, Click on the Plugin section of the Dashboard, from there you will be able to see a small section that would ask you two options- RUN THE SETUP WIZARD and SKIP THE SETUP.

Choose RUN THE SETUP WIZARD option from the options.

You will get a screen like this. It is preferable to go with the default choices selected. You can choose NEXT as soon as you get this window.

This is the window you will get after you click the NEXT button. Here too, just keep the check boxes have the selection as default. Click on the NEXT button again to proceed to the next follow up window.

This is the next window where you can see another set of options again. Choose them and select NEXT again to go further.

Done! At last, you will get something like this which indicates that you have completed all the steps and you are ready to start.

Using plugins for further procedures

After that, click on RETURN TO DASHBOARD so that you will get something like this.

You can click on WC Vendors the next to obtain a settings page like this. Here you can tick and untick options as you wish them to be like. After that, click on the SAVE CHANGES button down at the bottom of the page.

After this, you need to choose the SETTINGS on the Dashboard. Then you can click on GENERAL from the list of options available.

Settings- General

In this, ensure that you tick the option- ALLOW USERS TO APPLY TO BECOME A VENDOR.

After that tick on the option, ANYONE CAN REGISTER so that you will get a varied level of membership form all the vendors who are interested.

Click on SAVE CHANGES so that all the options you chose gets selected as it is.

Woo Commerce Appmaker

What should you know about this?

You can use this to make the site as an application. Appmaker provides you to choose from Android and IOS application. When you search for Woo commerce Appmaker plugin, you will be seeing these two plugins as the search results.

You can convert any Woo Commerce website to an application using this Appmaker plugin. It easily does the conversion without much efforts. So you can use them wherever you want. It will provide you with good application with a few clicks. You can install this plugin just like you install any other plugin. Maybe if you want an example then you can take the earlier WC Vendor plugin installation as an example.

Installation of Appmaker plugin

Take the Dashboard and click on the PLUGIN option on it. From there you can type the name of the plugin- APPMAKER convert Woocommerce to Android and IOS.

You will get the plugins like in the image above. Then you can click on the INSTALL option and then click on the ACTIVATE option so that the plugin is installed and activated.

You can see this when you install the Appmaker plugin. Here if you look carefully, you can see an option called VISIT SITE. Click on Visit Site so that it takes you to the Appmaker site where you will have to signup initially.

Creating Account on the Appmaker Site

This is the beautiful site of Appmaker. Here you will have to select the CREATE NOW option from the provided choice. Click on it.

You will have to copy the URL of the page you created and paste it here to proceed to the next option. Click on NEXT option here.

After entering the URL, you will get two options like this where you will be asked if you want to create the application all by yourself or with the help of an expert. Choose the option that you want to from these two.

Then you can create an account by Sign up option you will get. Enter proper credentials and your account will be generated. Then login using proper credentials.

After login, you can see this screen here. You need to enter the asked credentials.

Switch onto the Dashboard and here you can see there are blank spaces. Enter the proper details that you need to and proceed further.

After entering the details on the Dashboard, switch back to the Appmaker site and your application will be ready to download. See here, there are two versions of the application that you need. Download them and use them to your use!

Now, if you have any confusion with the steps explained above, you can refer to this video of ours to your rescue. All the steps are explained here in details. Go through them.

This is the video by Educate-WP that explains How to Integrate WC Vendors Plugin to a Woo Commerce Plugin by Appmaker to convert the website on woo-commerce into a mobile application. Take a look at it to know more in detail. You may also check out our other blogs and videos on a wide range of topics on WordPress.

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