How to Increase Blog Traffic

Every blog needs a constant flow of traffic to sustain for a long time. The higher the traffic, the higher the gain. There are different ways to increase blog traffic.

We would all love to gain readers and viewers easily. But the reality is that it takes time to build an audience. Some bloggers give up too quickly when nothing seems to work out. Life is a huge wave and the tides are always against us.

So, giving up on your dreams is not the ideal way to move forward. Believe in your work and remember that failure is just around the corner. What's important is how we pick ourselves up from the fall.

Blogging is almost similar to looking after a child. A child does not grow into a full-sized adult on a single day. IT TAKES TIME! Patience is key.

We feed the blog with content, post relevant articles, venture out into the unknown. Because the experience gained is irreplaceable and the achievements speak for itself.

Also, the niche of the website brings in various audience gathering traffic and readers along the way. There are different ways to increase blog traffic.

Understanding your Niche

Focusing on a particular theme or topic will always prove beneficial for a blog. In the long run, you can always switch things up. But as for now, the interest of the targeted audience is what matters most. A desire is there for you to start a blog.

But the topic to focus on is of the question. Or maybe, you have an idea but don't have the confidence to pursue it. For professional bloggers, the decision could also influence your income. Jumbling various ideas and thoughts won't help the blog to attract the audience.

Of course, no one will arrest you for your actions, but it's highly unlikely that the blog will achieve success if you don't increase your blog traffic.

Niche research is highly crucial before setting up a blog. The niche of a blog is a particular topic of which the blogger writes about. Choosing a popular niche might be profitable for some. Starting a blog is one of the best ideas for making money online.

All you need is, finding the right niche to target. Survival of a blog depends on High quality content and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We will be discussing some of the niches with the highest demand and profit in the past few years.


Yes, you read it right. Blogging is still a great niche to pursue as the blogging rates are going up. If you think about it, it kinda rings a bell. You got here cause you love blogging or want to set up a blog. And where else you'd be?

Another website to catch up on news and updates or a blog to help you start a blog. When are into the blogging family, other blogs are a resource for you to fuel new ideas into your channel. Plus these niches gain traffic and popularity easy enough for you to drive up the income.


Who doesn't love food? huh? We need food and everyone loves variety. A blog based on new recipes and ethnic-based food is always prone to gain more traffic, with a little help from the SEO side.

But it can surely generate a huge amount of traffic, with unique content. Regular posts and interaction with your audience will be fruitful in the end.

Starting a Youtube channel will not hurt as well. According to some of the reports filed, there are a couple of blogs raking up money from food blogs and through tutorials.


The next area of priority is fashion. Because a vast majority of people wish to look good and crisp. Fashion blogs are popular and quite the hot topic these days.

Many brands endorse their products through these blogs before actually releasing it. Once the response is favourable from the audience, the marketing and releasing part takes place. They are one of the most searched topics on the internet and therefore a great choice for newcomers.

Tech Blogs

Yes, tech blogging is still in the business and the opportunities are endless. Only thing is how deep are you willing to dig? Moreover, technology is on the rise and the money's pretty good in the filed.

So, if you are prety good in the tech sector, the main focus should be diverted. Some might mislead you that tech blogging is no longer a viable option cause the competition is high. Yes, the competition is higher than most fields.

What did you expect, a walk in the park? CNET and Business Insider are some examples of recent successes. First thing which you need to decide is what kind of tech blog you are trying to build. Is it going to be tutorials, news, or review blogs. Once the decision is finalised, then the work begins.


This niche right here is quite the catch with some bloggers. But the approach taken will have to be stirred up a bit. However there are opportunities for monetization as the blogging topics relate to your daily lives and the problems that come with it.

This is where the income part lies in. Provide a solution by relating to a product and boom, there's your catch. The more subtle the approach, the easier it will stick! A couple of WordPress lifestyle blogs are The Londoner, Hannah Gale, Mantelligence etc.


I left this niche for the last as its not the easy one to jump into. You will need proper knowledge or education in the particlar field to blog about finance.

However, if this niche suits your style and passion, then don't let anyone tel you wrong. The income's good, fairly higher as the name suggests. And most people need help with their finances, so cheers!

As we near the ending as all good things come to an end, opting the right niche at the right time is essential to increase your Blog Traffic.

The time you dedicate will be to this blog and amongst the hustle, the passion shouldn't be lost. Hope you create the website of your dreams.

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