How to export WordPress posts to Word document?

WordPress is one of the most used platforms on the internet with more than 60 million websites running on WordPress. WordPress is used by many because it's probably the easiest and most powerful content management system (or CMS) in existence today. To export WordPress posts to Word document you need to install a plugin named Aspose.Words Exporter.

Aspose Words Exporter is a powerful plugin to export WordPress posts and pages into a DOC/DOCX file. It also helps to bulk export the posts and pages.

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Exporting WordPress posts to Word document using Aspose.Words Exporter

Install the Aspose plugin

Go to the WordPress plugin library, search for the Aspose.Words Doc Exporter plugin. Install and Activate the plugin.

Now go to the dashboard and then the posts section. Then, you can select the posts to convert into a doc file. Select the posts and then use the dropdown list on the top right.

You'll see under the bulk actions, an option to export to the DOCX file. Select it and click apply. You'll see a saving option for the file. Save it and you are done.

Advantages of Aspose.Words Exporter

Aspose is a free plugin for WordPress. You will have all the basic functions to convert posts to Word file with Aspose. It can also pre-process the shortcodes before exporting posts. Also, you can export single posts or multiple posts with a single click. It has also the functionality to merge multiple posts into a single doc. Aspose works with all kinds of posts and pages. You can also use the API which is free and unlimited. Also, Aspose doesn't require any Signup.

So, I think you are now ready to export WordPress posts to a Word document with the Aspose.Words Exporter plugin for WordPress.

Video on How to Export WordPress posts to Doc file

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