How to embed Google forms in your WordPress website

Wondering how to embed google forms in your WordPress website?

It can be done very easily.

WordPress has many features and plugins available to create forms. Some of them are

  • Ninja forms etc…

These plugins are very simple and can create forms of varied types according to your needs.

So why would anyone bother about adding a google form in WordPress?

The biggest benefit of a Google form is how easy it is to share your forms across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Email, Instant Messaging, and WordPress and also its ease of collaboration. Its because the results thus received from the forms are stored on a Google sheet where you can easily collaborate with friends and co-workers to sort and manage the data.

If you did this with other form plugins, You will have to find different solutions that work for each channel you share your form with. Even you have found different solutions for each one, You will need to combine all pieces of data thus collected manually.

Google forms enable you to take advantage of the platform’s storage. In Google forms, all the responses are stored in a single place that is in Google drive. It gives complete control over who is collaborating on your content. You can also invite specific users to work on the given form thus providing more security. Using Google forms you can avoid the use of a 3rd party plugin on your website.

Possibilities of Google Form

  • Data can be saved directly to a spreadsheet
  • You can share all of your forms via the link
  • Google forms offer so many prebuilt templates.
  • It helps in the creation of questionnaires, surveys, applications, and registration forms.
  • Google forms automatically adjust its colors to try and match the colors in your logo
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Easy to manage responses
  • Adding images and youtube videos
  • You can view responses in real time and see how individual respondents answered specific questions.
  • You can also use hidden fields to sort out the responses.

Lets see How to embed Google forms in your WordPress website with 3 simple steps;



Start creating a Google form on Google if you don’t have one. You have different template forms to choose from or you can create one on your own as shown in the below picture.

Give a name for your Form and a short description of it if you find it useful.

Add the fields in the forms according to your needs. You can see the form will automatically modify the form according to your questions. Also, you have the options available to change the type of answers, whether you require your answers in a sentence or multiple choice, where you can add answers you are looking for.

You can add the questions by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol on the right.



After you have completed the creation of your form, you can send it by clicking on the SEND option available on the top right side.

Once you have clicked that option, a send form pop up will appear as shown in the picture below.

From here you need to click on the EMBED tab and click on the COPY link to copy the embed code.



Now you have got the embed code. All you need is to create a post or page and paste the embed code there.

So for creating a post or page go to your WordPress dashboard click POST OR PAGE and click on ADD NEW.

Give a name for your post and paste the link as shown in the picture.

Don’t forget to click on the PUBLISH button to publish the page.

Now when you preview your page you can see the Google form embedded in your page.

For adding a page in your website kindly watch our tutorial about

Features of WordPress website

Hope you understand How to embed Google forms easily on your WordPress website.

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