How to Embed a Pinterest Post on Your Website?

Pinterest is one of the most popular plugins that help us to share images across the globe. Pinterest is basically an image sharing platform where you can find topics that spark your interest. In it, we can literally pin images that you might want to look later. Hence the name Pinterest.

Pins are basically sharable images that sometimes includes texts. You can create a collection of pins which is called board. These pins and boards can be embedded into your website by code snippets.

Pinterest also enables us to promote and market our products to a wide range of audience with Pinterest Marketing. This is why it is important for small business owners to dive into the Pinterest world. It helps us to promote our products and services.

It also helps to gain more traffic to the website. You can view the analytics of your Pinterest boards too. But, before that, you should make sure that your account is a business account.

There are different ways by which you can add the Pinterest posts to your website. For a WordPress website, you can add by using different plugins that enable this functionality. Well, today we are going to learn to embed Pinterest posts by using a widget builder by Pinterest itself.

Using Developer Pinterest Widget Builder to embed Pinterest posts

For that, you need to go to this page.

There you can see a different options for Pinterest

embed pinterest posts
Source: Pinterest

Firstly, you have two options. That is you can either add a save button or a follow button. You just need to copy and paste your profile URL is all.

Then, you can use the Pin option.

embed pinterest posts

You can copy paste the URL of the pin in the desired column. You will get a preview like this

You can then just copy and paste the custom code to your website and don’t forget to add the script files before the closing BODY tag.

<script async defer src="//"></script>

You can also use the same method to pin the board and also profile to your website.

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