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A website without comments is incomplete. Comments sections can really enhance your blog posts, articles, and other content on your website. It paves a way for the visitors to add their feedback and make a live interaction with the post creators. This helps to convert monologue into a discussion and built a community. It can increase engagement and provide various benefits also.

Every website will not benefit from comment sections. Sometimes it’s better to disable WordPress comments altogether if your website is largely devoted to static pages rather than generating conversations.

Comments can be often self-promotional, spammy, and sometimes hurtful.

By default, WordPress enables comments on all posts and disable comments on all pages. A simple way to disable WordPress comments is to use the ‘Settings’ that are already included in the platform. It’s really quick but there are certain limitations for that.

Simply disallowing comments as mentioned above will not erase the comments on existing posts or pages. If you just want to turn off comments entirely, This is the best way to do that.

Lets see how its done;

Video tutorial


This can be done by using the default Settings platform provided by WordPress. This means all future posts created on your site will have comments disabled.

For that go to the SETTINGS tool in your WordPress website select the option DISCUSSION. From the DEFAULT POST SETTINGS simply uncheck the box labeled ALLOW PEOPLE TO SUBMIT COMMENTS ON NEW POST.


If you want to allow or disallow comments for specific posts or pages you have options for that, you can do it individually by going to that specific page or posts.

For disabling comments for a specific posts or pages;

Go to that page or post that you need to disable comments. On the right side in settings area you can see the option DISCUSSION. Under that simply uncheck the box named ALLOW COMMENTS for disabling comments for that post and update the changes.

If you couldn’t see the DISCUSSION area on the right. You just need to click on the 3 vertically arranged dots shown on the top rig

ht, From there select OPTIONS and tick the box of DISCUSSION so you can see it in the right side settings area. Make sure you are on the DOCUMENT tab to view it.

The same steps are applicable for disallowing comments for a specific page. However comments are disabled for pages, You will only need to turn them off when you enable at some point for individual pages.

Apply the same steps for enabling the comments for specific pages or posts.


It’s tiresome to go to your every post individually if you want to disable comments of your certain posts or pages in bulk. You can do it without going specifically into it.

For that go to POSTS and select ALL POSTS in it. Select the posts you want to disable comments.

Now in BULK ACTIONS dropdown arrow select EDIT and click on APPLY next to it.

From there you will be able to perform bulk actions including changing the author name and disallowing the comments. You just need to click on the COMMENTS box dropdown arrow and select DO NOT ALLOW option and UPDATE.

According to the default setting, Here you can select only 20 posts or pages at a time. You can change this by going to the dropdown arrow of SCREEN OPTIONS on the top right and changing the number there.

Follow the same steps for enabling the comments in bulk.


By following the above mentioned steps, You cant remove pre-existing comments on the pages / posts. You will need to delete them manually under the comments tab of your WordPress dashboard.

For that go on to COMMENTS section your dashboard and select the comments you need to get deleted and in BULK ACTIONS dropdown arrow select MOVE TO TRASH and click on APPLY next to it.

It will move to trash. For deleting it permanently go on to TRASH, select the comments and from BULK ACTIONS select DELETE PERMANENTLY and click on APPLY next to it.

If you have a lot of comments in your website, You to do it multiple times.


Even though you have disabled your comments on your pages and posts, You may continue to receive comments on your media files.

You can neither manually disable comments on your individual media by following the same steps as we discussed. But its really Time-consuming.

So you can either do this by updating your code in THEME EDITOR of the APPEARANCE section or you can do it with the help of a simple plugin.


This plugin enables the administrator to globally disable the comments or disable them for the specific types only.

For that, you will need to install and Activate the plugin. If you don’t know how to install a plugin, You can follow this guide for that.

After that go the SETTINGS tool in the dashboard and select DISABLE COMMENTS.

From there, when you check on the first box, It will disable all comment related controls and settings in WordPress. It will also remove the COMMENTS tool from your admin area or you can select the specific area by ticking on the specified boxes under ON CERTAIN POST TYPES. And click on SAVE CHANGES.


If you are disabling your comments just for protecting yourselves with spam, Its better use a plugin.

In this area AKISMET ANTI SPAM do a wonderful job.

This is a plugin that helps prevent spam to both your contact form and your comment form.

Its one of the best plugins to disable your spam comments. This plugin checks and verifies your every comment and make sure whether its a spam or not.

I hope you could find this detailed tutorial really helpful.

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