How to connect your website to Google [Using Google Site Kit]

Connecting your site with Google is an essential part if you want to analyze the traffic to your website and improve. It is quite easy to connect to Google if you are using WordPress. Here we will try the plugin by Google itself to connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics.

The plugin is named Google Site Kit. With Google Site Kit you can easily connect to different services that Google provides like Search Console, Analytics, Ad Sense and Google Page Speed Insights.

So let us start.

Firstly, you need to find the site kit plugin from the WordPress plugin store.

connect WordPress website to Google Analytics

You can just type in site kit to find the required plugin. Once you find it, you can install the plugin and activate it.

On installing the plugin you will be able to get to the dashboard of the Site Kit. Click on start setup

Then you should sign up with your Google account and then grand access to your account.

You should make sure that you are using the account that you want to connect with your website. Once you have done that you will be prompted to verify your ownership with the site. You can click on the proceed.

The one great advantage of using the site kit is that Google will automatically verify your ownership without having to manually place the code.

connect WordPress website to Google Analytics

In the next step you need to grant access to your website and then you will be all good to go.

You can then go to the dashboard to see all the data from your search console. You can connect with different services just by allowing to connect with the site kit. After that you can access the site kit from the WordPress dashboard.

connect WordPress website to Google Analytics

You will get the traffic analytics and all the details from the Search Console and Analytics.

Advantages of connecting WordPress website to Google Analytics with Site Kit

As we can see the Site Kit plugin is very helpful when it comes to directly connecting your website with Google.

  • Can easily connect your website without having to interact with source code
  • Can connect with different Google Services
  • Trustable updates since it is directly provided by Google
  • Can access all the data from the WordPress dashboard
  • Can find out how individual page is working
  • The UI of Site Kit is pretty neat and easily understandable metrics are only shown

I hope you are now able to connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics with the above-mentioned steps. Now try it yourself and comment on your questions in the comment box below.

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