How to add WooCommerce into your WordPress website

To add WooCommerce into your WordPress website is a great option to get an e-commerce platform up and running in it. It’s an open-source shopping cart plugin free to download and use on WordPress websites. WooCommerce is the world’s most popular e-commerce platform.

It has great flexibility and a wider range of customization options. Its secret behind its success is it’s really very easy to manage and really cost-effective for beginners.

It helps to add shopping cart functionality to an existing website. WooCommerce is used to power 42% of all e-commerce sites. WooCommerce does not include license fees in its pricing. You can get complete freedom and control over your e-commerce website by adding unlimited products, videos, images, and make unlimited sales.

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce solution in the world. For the efficient working of the WooCommerce plugin, You will need some server requirements which is recommended.

  • PHP version 7 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or above.
  • A WordPress memory limit

Lets see how we can add woo-commerce in a WordPress website.

Video Tutorial :


To start with, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website. There are a lot of hosting platforms that you can choose to self-host your website.

Some of them who is doing a wonderful job in this area are

  • HOSTGATOR etc..

You can visit their website and start creating one.

If you are a beginner and are looking for the detailed tutorial regarding WordPress and how to get a self-hosted website CLICK HERE.


when you are ready with your WordPress dashboard to navigate, install the plugin Woo-commerce by going to the PLUGIN section and by clicking on ADD NEW.

Search for Woo-Commerce in the search box, INSTALL it and ACTIVATE.


Once the plugin is installed, You will be directed to the preliminary questions to set your e-commerce site. They are the parameters that define your business.

The first page of the wizard contains general information about your store. Such as Your store’s location, address and postcode. Even if you don’t have any, You are only digital marketing, yet you will need to select your country.

After filling the details click on CONTINUE.

A pop-up notification will appear asking permission to share non-sensitive data for faster and improved fixes. If you are willing, check the box or leave it blank and click on CONTINUE.


Next step give you options to choose the industries that your store is operating.Such as fashion, health, music, drink etc….

Choose the options that are applicable and click CONTINUE.


In the next step select the type of products that will be listed in your store. Whether it is physical, virtual, or any other options that are available and click on CONTINUE.


The next step is for adding the business details, regarding the number of products you are planning to display and your current business status. Whether you are selling in any other platforms or selling in person via physical stores or events etc. When you select any option other than NO, you will be required to fill the details regarding your current business. Such as revenue and the name of the platform you are using. They also provide some marketing options. keep it ON if you need them or turn it OFF and press CONTINUE to move on to the next step.


In this step choose a theme for your store.


Next step ask you to enhance your store with JETPACK and woo-commerce services.

You can choose if you want woo-commerce to calculate tax rates for you automatically based on your store’s location.

Jetpack is a handy WordPress plugin that offers a wide range of features. It includes security functionality, various analytics, and more. It’s a useful plugin that will activate several additional services such as live rates and automatic taxes.

Even though it helps you with the taxes, It would be better if you double-check it with your local authorities.

If you are ready to go on with Jetpack press YES PLEASE. You will need to create a jetpack account for that.

After when you are ready with your details click on CREATE ACCOUNT.

Click on CONTINUE on the pop up appearing.

Now we are on the Woo-commerce home


On the right side of the home, You can see the options for finishing your set up.


When you click on this, you can see the options for adding products to your store.

I will tell you in detail how to add products to your store in my next article.


The next option is PERSONALIZE MY STORE. Here you can add your store logo, a custom page that will suit your needs, and a notice that will apply commonly on every page in your store.


In the next step, that is in the SET US SHIPPING option you can decide how much customers will be charged for shipping within your country and also in the other countries if you are planning to extend your business in other countries as well.


You can also choose If you want woo-commerce to calculate tax rates for you automatically. The next option is for setting up that. This may be a better option than manually entering tax rates depending on your location and business.


This is for setting up a payment option for your store. Options may vary according to your location and previous selection on your various steps. By default, WooCommerce provide you stripe and Paypal. You can select the option you want to use, which will install the necessary extensions. You can also select other payment methods that seem to make sense. There is more option available in the woo-commerce settings panel.

Everything we do here in this set up is not permanent. We can go back and change it at any point in time.

Below you can notice there is a panel in which we can view the live status of your store. Such as recent reviews you have got, net sales, and the number of orders that are waiting in progress.

On the left side of the WooCommerce home, you can see some tips and insights that are recommended by woo-commerce which will help you in the growth of your business. You can watch it if you feel, it will be of great help.

Apart from this WooCommerce will create pages for you for its functions such as a cart, checkout, and shop etc…. When you open these pages you can see that several shortcodes are inserted in these pages, which will make your job easier.

I hope you Have got an overall idea of the woo-commerce plugin.

In my coming articles, I will tell you in detail about the every option I have mentioned above.

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