How to Add Social Networking Icons to your Blog?

Social networking is one of the major aspects of a successful blog. It not only provides a great medium to channel in a new audience but also allows you to connect with your readership and manage a healthy relationship.

Maintaining a good social media profile also helps to establish an image for yourself with your ideas and views. You can also provide links in your blogs that allow users to share your blog using their social media accounts.

The best way to invite people into your social media account is by redirecting them from your blogs. If you are wondering how to do that, you are in the right place.

To begin with, many themes already come with built-in social media icons. You can choose such a theme and make use of it. But sometimes your favorite theme doesn’t support this feature. Or perhaps you don’t like the way your theme displays social network icons.

Regardless of your reasons, lets us look at some of the ways you can include social networking icons in your blog.

1. Social Links Menu

Using the social links menu is one of the easiest ways to include your social media accounts in your blogging website. You can set it up with a few simple steps. However, there is a limitation.

How the icons look and feel depends on the theme you choose, and you cannot customize it. Follow the steps below to activate your social links menu.

  • In your WordPress account, select Appearances -> CustomizeGo to Menus -> Create New Menu and give a name
  • From the checkbox, choose Social Links Menu
  • Click on Add Items, and in the URL, type the address of your social media profile
  • Once done, click Publish

2. Social Icons Widget

Social Icons Widget displays social media buttons to any widget area of your choice in your theme.

For this, you need to add a plugin of your choice, like Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM Or WP Social Widget. Once you have the plugin activated, do the following steps.

  • In WordPress menu, select Appearance -> Customize
  • In the left-hand menu, select Widgets. Here you can see different widget areas that your theme supports
  • Choose any widget area that you like and click Add a Widget
  • In the search section, type in the plugin you activated and select it.
  • Customize different display options like the title of the widget and size of icons
  • Next, add the link to your social network profile
  • You can add more social media profiles as you wish and can also rearrange and customize the icons depending on the plugin you use.
  • Once, done Publish your changes to add them to your website.

3. Custom Social Icons

What if all the above options don’t give you the aesthetics you want for your icons.

If your theme is limiting you but you don’t want to part with it, then you can add custom icons using the Text Widget or Custom HTML Widget.

With some basic HTML knowledge, you can completely control how social media icons appear on your website.

First of all, find some icons that you wish to use and add them to your media library.

  • Go to My Site -> Site -> Media -> Add New
  • Navigate to the location where you have saved the icon image and upload the icons
  • Once done, click on the image from the Media section and click Edit
  • From the URL option, copy the image link and exit the media editor

The next step is to add the widget and format your buttons using HTML.

  • Select Designs ->Customize -> Widgets
  • Choose the widget area you prefer
  • Click on Add a Widget and select Text Widget of Custom HTML Widget to add it
  • Add a title to your widget and then add some HTML content in the following structure replacing the italic portion with your relevant information


<a href=”your social media profile“>

<img title=”Platform Name (e.g.: Facebook, Instagram etc.)” alt=” Platform Name (e.g.: Facebook, Instagram etc.)” src=”Your icon link that you copied from the media library” width=”35″ height=”35″> 



  • Repeat the above code for each social media icon you wish to add to your site. Ensure the width and height remain consistent for every icon.
  • Once finished, publish your changes to add the icons to your blog.

4. Social Sharing Links

Another way to use your social media icons in your blogs is to introduce social sharing.

By adding social sharing buttons in your blog, you call allow readers to share the blog with simple clicks using their social media accounts. Just imagine, now the friends of your readers also know about your blog. Simply put, exponential reach!

You will find many plugins that provide this functionality to your blog. These plugins offer different features like choosing the area where the buttons should appear and restricting them in certain blog posts and so on.

Let us see how to set up social sharing in your blog. Before that, remember to find and activate a plugin of your choice.

Some examples include Simple Share ButtonsJetpack, or Orbit Fox. Once you activate your plugin, you can open it and add the social media buttons of your choice.

Simple Share Buttons provide sliders that allow you to choose where the icons should and shouldn’t appear. You can type in specific pages under the Hide on These Pages section to avoid the buttons from those pages. You may want to copy the Shortcode and paste it at a location of your choice in your article to include the sharing buttons at that location in your blog. Besides, a Share Bar allows you to create a floating share bar that follows a reader as they scroll through the page.

Final Words

Social media websites are an essential part of our daily life. Hence it provides a great opportunity for bloggers to utilize it to their benefit.

With the right usage and good content, your blog can have readership from across the world. So go ahead and make use of social networking icons and gather more audience to your blog

These are some of our suggestion. Do let us know if we helped you in any way! Also, if you feel like correcting us, use the comment section below and let us know!

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