How to add a variable product in WooCommerce

WooCommerce Series Part 03

From the previous articles of WooCommerce series, you have learned

how to set up WooCommerce in your WordPress website and how to add a simple product into it.

Now its time for adding a variable product in your WooCommerce store. If you want to sell your products in different colours, sizes or different weights and dimensions, the best option is to use variable products so that the customers would get more options to choose from and select whichever one they want.

So Lets start creating one. For that, first we have to create an attribute.

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Creating attributes is an essential step before creating variables. WooCommerce helps you to set global attributes that can be applied to your new or existing products. Instead of setting an attribute to each of the new products you are adding, you can have an attribute predefined and use it repeatedly.

For that GO TO PRODUCTS option in your dashboard and select ATTRIBUTES in it.

On the left side of the page that appears you can see an area for adding attributes.

In the NAME field below the ATTRIBUTE section, type the attribute you need.

Eg : Colour

you can also add slug and enable archives if you need that and click on ADD ATTRIBUTE button. Now you can see the Colour attribute has been added on the right side below the NAME title.

Click on it and you can see the area for entering the attribute categories appears on the left side. In the name field, type categories you required for your attributes. As I have given colour as my attribute I am giving the category as black. Click on ADD COLOUR ATTRIBUTE below.

Similar way you can add other colour categories and other main Attributes as well. Once you are done with adding all your required attributes, let’s add it to a product.

Here I am creating a new variable product. You can also add it to an existing product.



For creating a product, select PRODUCT option on the dashboard and click on ADD NEW.

You know how to add a simple product. Variable products only have some additional features for adding variations. So let us focus on adding variations to the product.

Start by giving a TITLE and DESCRIPTION for your product.

From the PRODUCT DATA box below, select VARIABLE PRODUCT.

Below it is the product data meta box, where all important details for the products have been added. Click on ATTRIBUTES option.

You can see a box named CUSTOM PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE. When you click on the dropdown arrow, you can see the Colour attribute that we have been added earlier. Select it and click on ADD.

Now select the terms in value(s) box, the categories which we have created previously. Such as Black, White or red. For selecting all, click on SELECT ALL option available below the box.

Don’t forget to enable the box named USED FOR VARIATIONS and click on SAVE ATTRIBUTES.

You can also add custom attributes here if you haven’t created one. This will not be a predefined one which can be used repeatedly. This attribute will only be applicable to the current variable product.

For that click on ADD option near CUSTOM PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE box.

Name your new attribute. Eg: Size

In the value(s) box enter different categories for the attribute “size” such as Small, Medium and Large which are separated by a vertical bar (|).


Now you have created size and colour attributes for your product.



Click on VARIATIONS option in the product data meta box. From the ADD VARIATION dropdown arrow select CREATE VARIATIONS FROM ALL ATTRIBUTE and click on GO.

In the pop up showing, click on OK.

09 variations are being added to the product according to our size and colour attributes.

For eg:

Small – Black

Medium – Black

Large – Black

Similar cases apply to the Blue and White also.

You can edit the image by clicking on the image box and uploading a picture from your device and set a regular price and sale price, can manage stock status and also give a description for the product by clicking each of the products here.

You can also set a price which will be common to all product variation by clicking on the ADD VARIATION dropdown box and selecting SET REGULAR PRICES option under PRICE section.

Once you have done updating all the details, click on SAVE CHANGES.



You can add Product main image, gallery images and also can add categories and tags as we have discussed in simple product settings.

Once you are ready with your product click on PUBLISH button on the top right side.

Your final product will be looking like this. Attributes defining size and colour has been added to the product so that the customers can choose from different variations.

Hope now you are ready to create one variable product on your own.

Kindly let us know if you are facing any difficulties in any of the steps mentioned in this article.

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