How do you blog in 2020?

The world is evolving and blogging has become quite a trend for millennials. Numerous individuals are choosing blogging as a career option. The prospect of carrying your job anywhere across the globe is an amusement for the new generation. The web is always alive and running, and the time and place to work can be decided by ourselves.

WordPress is a great choice for beginners as it gives full control and authority over the blog’s future. The popularity is high among personal bloggers to multinational corporations. WordPress has gained such a huge following due to its free installation.

Before jumping to ‘How do you blog in 2020’ we will tell you about setting up a website.

Customization of Websites

Plugins are a great way to add customization to your website. WordPress plugins help the user to add features to the existing website. And thus enhancing its functionality. E-commerce is a platform where plugins come into action. Woocommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins in WordPress. The plugin helps to build an e-commerce store using WordPress.

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Woocomerce is an open-source software meaning the modifications, auditing, and extensions of the code can be done by anyone. Woocommerce works on all devices. Nowadays, most of the consumers shop through smartphones and Woocommerce supports both android and ios devices.

The web comes with all sorts of applications that can set up your Woocommmerce webstore and increase the customer experience. Applications that support both android and ios devices are the ones to go for. Select the applications that are the easiest to convert your WooCommerce store to an android app.

Therefore, it will allow you to customize the app to suit your style and design. The enabling of the Woocommerce plugin will help in the management of the content. The application should allow the user to sustain their businesses and thereby enhancing the M-commerce customer experience.

User trends on a global scale

The usage statistics of a recent survey clearly show that the number of people using apps is a lot more than the ones that use websites. The flexibility that comes with a mobile device has favoured the trend towards mobile applications over the past couple of years.

Mobile applications thus increase the engagement of users with the blog or website that you are promoting. Mobile applications have risen as a result to surge the brand value and user interface.

Some plugins and applications have been present since the beginning of WordPress. Therefore it is advisable to opt those plugins and applications with years of experience and a substantial customer base. Newly developed applications may still be on the verge of development and may face slight issues on the path towards your blogging experience. The old ones are regularly updated and the problems faced by the newer applications might already be solved.

Recent bloggers perhaps would like to opt for applications with reasonable pricing and high performance that are readily available in the market. The compatibility of the application is to be taken into account as the user can’t be bothered to write new lines of code when content is posted on the website.

Blog Plan to blog in 2020

Planning is crucial especially when it comes to blogging. A detailed look into the aspects of the blog is essential before the blogging begins. The basics to look after are:

  1. The Niche of the blog: The area of interest that you are planning to market or promote.
  2. Audience/Viewers: Traffic is essential for every website and the blogger decides the source to the target audience.
  3. Methods to Monetize: The final goal is to generate revenue from through affiliate marketing, Google Ads, and so on.
  4. The legal side: There are a t of rules to obey on the internet. Each search engine has different laws for their consumers.

To conclude, blogging is a wonderful career option. A blog can be created within minutes including the hosting process. The only thing to keep in mind is the aim. What are your plans with the website? Does the blog help your audience? The time and place are of the question. Once these questions are figured, then its full steam ahead.

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