How do I Import WooCommerce Products with Images?

Adding products to your site counts as the basic task to know while you set up a store. Any product that you wish to sell should have a proper picture. It is entirely on the basis of these images that people buy things. So, it is important to upload proper images of the products that you wish to sell to the customers. After learning the themes and plugins of WordPress, you may now want to know more. Are you thinking on- ‘How do I import WooCommerce products with images?', then don't worry we are sufficiently fit to help you with a step by step tutorial for that concern.

The default WooCommerce system has very limited options when it comes to uploading images. So, you can make use of a plugin for a better experience. Let us see the process in detail.

1. Get ready with CSV files

  • Create a CSV file with details of the product that you wish to store.
  • The file should be in UTF-8 format. You can find this when you save your file. Make use of boolean values (1/0) for the data entry.
  • The URL of each product image must be listed in the image column of the CSV file which is to be uploaded.
  • To import many images of merchandise, the URLs must be separated by the vertical line character ‘|’.
  • While an import, the front image is taken as the Merchandise image and the remainder of the images are added into the Merchandise gallery.

Using the default method.

You can add the product without using a plugin too.

You can click on the Product option under the Woo Commerce option.

Click on the products tab and you will get an option like this that asks for the CSV file details. You can choose the CSV file that you have saved in your system for the product details.

There are many options that you can choose in here. You can paste the path of the CSV file too. You can also mention the CSV Delimiter here.

If you choose the advanced options, you will get a set of more options like this. Fill them like you prefer it to be.

Then click on the Run the importer so that the import is done.

2. Install the required Plugin

In this process, you will need a plugin called Product Import-Export Plugin for WooCommerce. You can type the name of the plugin in the search bar and download it.

After that, Install and activate it for further use.

Product Import Export

3. Open the Import Settings

Complete the installation of the plugin. Then you can click on the WooCommerce option in the Dashboard. Then click on the product lm-ex option that you can see.

click on the woo commerce option-product.

4. Import Settings

choose the Product tab and then proceed.

There are some settings that you need to arrange here depending upon the products you have. So choose accordingly.

The plugin presents you with versatile options for it such as choosing a file from your computer, via FTP, and by entering file URL.

Once you chose the file, choose either a beforehand stored mapping file from the drop-down or proceed with Upload file and Import to create a new one.

5. Map the fields

Mapping the fields refer to the process where the fields are sorted from csv files. It looks like this.

Then you will an option like this.

Click on the start import options. And after this the successful import begins. You can also get Premium version of the plugin.

This was in short about – How do I import WooCommerce products with images? Read more at- Top 10 Shopify Plugins to Optimize Your eCommerce Store in 2021

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