Enable Customer Reviews and Ratings on WooCommerce

Being in an ecommerce business means being in constant competition with multiple other websites. Selling a product these days can seem to the most tiresome process. A lot goes into marketing and sales. A customer-first sees the authority of the website and then proceeds to look into the product. Hence product rating and customer reviews on WooCommerce are very crucial. It is said that 86% of the buyers look into the reviews before making a decision on buying or not.

Having a woocommerce powered eCommerce website offers the most smooth ride. Most of the features required to running a website are offered inbuilt in the woocommerce. Hence integrating a 3rdparty website is out of the question. Enabling/Disabling customer reviews comes as an extension in woocommerce which makes it easy on the WordPress website. Let’s see how you can enable product rating and customer ratings in woocommerce.

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Why should you enable customer reviews in WooCommerce-

Reviews are a great way to encourage users to make a buying decision. Reviews also encourage customers to connect with the website. User-generated contents are always good for any website. This also helps in improving SEO. It does not mean having all 5 stars will work. People first look into the overall or average ratings on a product. an all 5 star will be considered spam. it is advised to have a mixed review. only positive will be considered fake and only negative will take down the buying decision. It’s up to the customer to drop a review down to any particular product. but these will definitely influence the next customer trying to buy the same thing. Also, woocommerce lets you control the comments. You can approve and un-approve these comments all under a single roof in WordPress.

Enable Customer review-

In the WordPress dashboard navigate to WooCommerceSetting → Products.
As you scroll down you’ll be able to see the review section.

Enable product star rating and reviews
Reviews settings on woocommerce

In the enable reviews part,
Check against Enable product reviews. There are options where you can show “verified owners” labels on customer reviews which means when a customer is identified by your woocommerce. ie, if they have purchased from your website, their review will be highlighted against having a verified owner tag.
Another option available is the review can only be left by verified owners. This can help protect your website from spammy comments, but if your product is sold on another website the customers who have purchased on another channel might come and leave a review here as well, So this is better unchecked. spammy comments can be later managed.

In the Product review part,
You can Enable star rating on reviews which can be helpful for your customers to choose and easy on those who don’t want to write long reviews. also, you can make this mandatory or optional in case.

Monitor the reviews-

WordPress allows you to moderate the comments on the website each time a review is dropped.
You can view these reviews on the WordPress dashboard’s Comments option. Here you can see all the reviews that are dropped. if any comments are dropped that will affect your website negatively those can be removed from here.

customer ratings woocommerce
Monitor the comments

As you click on the comment on the option, the following options will appear.
To Approve/Unapprove the comment. On approving the comment will be visible on the website. You can also edit the comment if required. Also move to Spam and Trash if they seem to be too whacky.


Woocommerce is a great platform in WordPress in creating your own WordPress website. This plugin comes with great and unique in-built settings to make it easy for customers. and of course, you wouldn’t want to integrate too many plugins on your website. Customer reviews on WooCommerce are a perfect way for your products to connect with your customers. In making critical choices in our lives, feedback and critiques play an important role. Different questions pop into our heads as we make a decision. Hope this article be found useful for you.

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