How to Create Custom Permalinks in WordPress?

Permalinks are the address of your WordPress website’s pages or posts. They are abbreviated as permanent links. These permalinks by default are sometimes lengthy or totally unrelated. Your permalink should give the viewer a clear idea of what side they are on, also it serves additional SEO purposes. WordPress has an inbuilt permalink edit option. With that, you can generalize the URL slug. Also, you can edit for every single page and post. let us take you through the setting and show how you can custom make a permalink in WordPress.

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General Permalink Setting

WordPress provides its users to choose and customize the permalinks in various ways. You can navigate from the WordPress dashboard to Settings → Permalinks. There you’ll be able to see various pre-defined options. You can set one of them, or just create one your own.

What are permalinks

You’ll be able to see various options that are pre-set. With the annotation given at the end the custom permalink can be set. For example,

Here, after the domain address, the slug will show the post category and post name.

Permalinks for woocommerce products and shops

WordPress also allows you to include product categories and tag.

Wordpress permalink

As mentioned above the shop, product category all of those can be custom set so as the navigation for users also be easy.

Permalink for Single post and pages

Select the post or page whose you want to edit the permalink of. Then click on the quick edit option. Here you’ll be able to see the slug. You can edit the URL as to what your post or page is about or indicate the direction.

Custom permalink

This way you can give attention on to every single page and posts. Also permalinks can be a great ways to set all your pages, ffind 404 and also improves the seo of the website.

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