Blogging 101: Best ways to improve blogging skills

to improve blogging skills

On one fine day, we all thought that blogging was easy and this was the path to follow. Soon enough, you realize you have been deceived into this realm. To improve blogging skills you need to get some checklists done.

Blogging is not easy as it looks and it is not easy to own a blog that generates high traffic. Blogging is that career or hobby. You can also call it that interest you develop over years of smart work and logical thinking.

Therefore, this is the long game where we cash out after years of investment, compared to a mere six months. Most of the bloggers across the globe today were in the long game rather than the short game.

Patience is key to any effort and blogging requires a huge amount of patience. There will be days where you might think this path is leading you nowhere. But trust your instincts and finish what you started.

Blogging can be a great teacher at times. Also, it ensures that people constantly learn new ways to improve their blog and generate higher engagement with their viewers.

It's not just about writing gibberish and making ends meet. It is all about calculation and interpretation of the subject in a deep way.

So tie your shoes and buckle your belts cause the ride is about to get a little peaceful. A general disintegration can prove useful to transform the blog you have always imagined and to shimmer your audience.

Firstly, let's Go To the Basics:

Our creation should always be unique and should always stand out, be it a blog or anything. The first thing to do is to purchase a domain of your choice.

Finding out your area of interest or Niche

The niche that the blog focuses on is the subject or topic. And the blogger will be targeting to gain higher traffic or audience on that topic.

The best option is to choose the topic that you have been in love with. As for the naming process, the choices are limitless and you can also get creative.

Choosing the right platform 

The immediate procedure to follow suit would be to find the best blogging site to publish your work and is the best one that most of the fresher’s use and the one that is widely used as it comes with a user-friendly experience. 

Web Hosting and Domain

The foundation of your blog is going to be the web hosting donor. A wrong decision on web hosting can end up being devastating shortly as you will end up with nothing. So choose wisely! Your blog will be known online by the domain name irrespective of the niche you chose.


The first impression is the best and there's a lot more to than a first impression. A rookie in the field of blogging can come up with a blog that stands out. How? WordPress comes with in-built templates and themes that go with your unique style and the only thing left to do is choose. 


Many newbies make this mistake and concentrate more on the inside of the blog and forget about the domain they purchased or the renewal time to re-activate it and end up paying a lot more than they bargained for. Quite simply put, always remember the important dates to renew the domain.

Looking out

Reading is quite the trait that can get you places high and mighty and for a blogger, I would say it’s essential.

Being aware and up to the date of your natural surroundings and implementing its aspects on your blog can always prove beneficial. However, to improve blogging skills you might need to start reading journals and updating yourself with new software and applications that come into the market are the traits of a successful blogger. 

Get serious

I included this in the basics, cause at the end of you are not serious and passionate about blogging and the aim is just to make money, the ride will end pretty fast for you.

Question yourself? Why did you choose to blog? What is the purpose?

To improve blogging skills it is not just the case. You might want to also do technical things like improving traffic.

  1. Theme your blog with a specific content 

This will help you engage with a dedicated audience with your same or shared opinions.

2. Building affiliate linking

Creating backlinks or joining topics to venture into another larger audience thereby increasing traffiC.

3. Creating content that the world might follow upon

Media and reporters are often linked with blogging communities as bloggers tend to make their lives easier. If they find a relevant topic that they can point out in your blog, then you have won.

4. Consistency

Also, the key to any victory is to work daily and be consistent. Post daily and engage with your viewers and audience daily.

5.Social Media

Social media is your best friend and the most important way to drive traffic through the roofs.

6.Usage of personal items

The audience might want to know more about the blogger at times and therefore prepared to post something about yourself or your childhood photos and a couple of videos.

I think we have covered most of the basics and numerous methods to improve blogging skills and the blog that you love and wish to work in. Remember, blogging is quite the trend within Millenials and 8 of 100 Americans end up being a blogger.

So the math might be against you, but persistence and smart working individuals have reached the high tables within a short period of 12-14 months.

Focus on the blog, stay positive, post creative content, engage with your viewers, look upon the insights and most of all LEARN!

Being hungry for knowledge is the best way to come out on top and the majority of the bloggers read and improve through time. However, no one is born as a professional, they get there through time investing in themselves and their passion.

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