Blogging 101: An introduction to WordPress and WooCommerce

Blogging has become quite a trend for millennials and has attracted numerous individuals to choose blogging as a career option.

The possibility of bringing your job anyplace over the earth is an entertainment for the current generation. The internet is constantly breathing and operating. The place and venue to work can be decided by the worker.

WordPress is an exceptional option for newcomers as the website's future will be in safe hands. It is used by a large chunk of the world’s websites starting from personal bloggers to multinational corporations.

The software has gained such a huge following due to its free installation and the high popularity in content management systems used by many today.

In Detail

Plug-ins are a large way to tailor-make your website. And WordPress plugins allow the users to apply attributes to the current webpage thus improving its specifications.

E-commerce is a sector where plugins come to action. And Woocommerce is one of the most successful e-commerce plugins in WordPress. Woocommerce assists you to create an e-commerce store using WordPress.

It is an open-source software meaning the modifications, auditing, and extensions of the code can be done by anyone.

The plugin works on most gadgets. These days many customers buy through smartphones and tablets. And Woocommerce is a plugin that works for both android and IOS users.

The internet comes with different applications that can establish your Woocommmerce webstore. But It is always wise to go for applications that are leading in their class.

Go for apps that are the most comfortable to modify your store to an android application. Thereby enabling you to customize the application fitting to your layout and design.

It is also advisable to make sure that a Woocommerce plugin is enabled or given thus enabling the management of the content and dynamic updates towards the application. The platform must enable the customer to support their businesses. And thereby intensifying the e-commerce customer satisfaction.


The usage statistics of a recent survey clearly show that the number of people using apps is a lot more than the ones that use websites. The flexibility and the ease that arrives with a mobile device have promoted the drift towards mobile-friendly applications over the years.

A mobile application increases the traffic from users within the blog or website that you are advertising. Mobile applications have grown as an important approach to increase value and user engagement.

Many plugins and applications have been present since the birth of WordPress. Therefore it is better to opt for the plugins and applications with years in the making. A large customer base would have already tried out the old ones and had approved.

Recently developed applications might still be in development. And these applications might be having problems thus affecting your blogging experience. Whereas the old ones are regularly updated and the problems faced by the newer applications might already be solved.

Recent bloggers perhaps would like to opt for applications with reasonable pricing and high performance that are readily available in the market.

Compatibility of the application is to be taken into account as time is precious and the user can't be bothered to write new lines of code whenever he/she posts new content on the website.


Blogging and bloggers are increasing day by day. So it's your talent and smart work is what will keep you in the hunt for success.

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