Best Paid Themes for Shopify in 2021

Themes are generally the lifelines of any website. The first impression is very crucial when a customer visits your website. So, while building your website, you should ensure that the theme which you choose for the website is eye-catchy. These are the -“Best Paid Themes for Shopify in 2021” that we have chosen for you.

Global Pandemic has flourished the online business all over the world. So having a website that rules is necessary. You should choose the best Premium Theme for the site. These are the healthy suggestions to choose from.

1. Wokiee Theme

Paid Themes for Shopify
Wokiee Theme

The Wokiee Shopify theme is one of the most famous ones. Retailers acknowledge the possibilities it presents. The theme consists of all the articles and accessories you may need for managing a Shopify site. It contributes a seamless and secure user activity that satisfies the most advanced market fundamentals.

This theme is more further than the customary theme. It is a robust configuration accessory. This a notable Premium WooCommerce theme. It will be a comprehensive resolution for your current or future online store. Thus, it has all the required tools and modules to formulate a super fast understanding website with astonishing UX.

Fabulous diversity of many designs and styles allows to create distinctive structures and settles any specific requirements. Therefore, everything you want is in WordPress CMS. Thus, you can evade costly web development and reduce your plan costs using Premium WooCommerce theme WOKIEE.

You can gain full control over your whole website through your own Content Management System that lets you replace the navigation, site content, images, products, collections and so much more. Premium WooCommerce Theme Wokiee is the most excellent choice for your online store.

2. Foodly Theme

Paid Themes for Shopify
Foodly Theme

This is a food-related Shopify theme. Let us see some of the wonderful features of Foodly- HTML 5, CSS 3, Sass, 1-Click Shopify Theme Installer, Drag&Drop Visual Constructor, Responsive & Retina Ready and many more. This also provides a very good score in the Google Developer Tests.

Thus, this also provides well-documented guidance and Ajax Instant Loading Blog. And it also provides a Marketing side which is very SEO Friendly, provides Marketing Recommendations in Documentation, has 87 Components of Visual, constructor, Landing Page, Social Media Integration- Share Buttons, Instagram Feed, Facebook Chat, Stylised Default Emails
Unique Gift Card, Notification Button with Promo/Discount Message, Mailchimp Integration, Google Analytics and Hotjar.

3. Gecko


This theme is one of the most popular themes in Shopify. Many recommend this theme for the setup of the e-store. The compatible browsers are Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera. Thus, this provides fast loading time and is optimised structure. This also offers one-click Import Demo.

And it is retina ready and responsive in nature. Gecko is the only Shopify theme you’ll need to generate an important online store that compares all your boxes and suggests your customers the most seamless shopping adventure.

Appearing modern scheme and minimalist feel with a chain of professional demos, Gecko is sketched for a display of distinctive online retailers. Hence, one can promote your commodities in style and secure it carefully for your customers to browse, choose and purchase.

4. Belle


This is a high-resolution theme. The compatible browsers are IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. It has some Theme Forest files included like CSS files, SCSS files, JS files. It also provides a very wonderful feature of Product Enquiry Popup.

This popup allows the customers to make a wishlist of the products and ask any queries of the product. The customers can also submit their inquiry if they have any. If there are any products which are out of stock then this feature lets them ask doubts about it.

This has a one-step installation. It also has a drag and drops sections in the page.

5. Basel


This is a licensed minimalist AJAX sensitive theme built to produce advanced influential e-commerce web-site. You are free to use popular Drag & Drop page builder, a lot of theme settings and options, premium sliders and WooCommerce. We are able to create a heavy store that looks perfect on any screen resolution.

The theme is suitable for any kind of shops like cloth, electronics, furniture, accessories, flowers, cosmetics or any other. This offers a lot of header options. It also provides a very strong search option. It also offers you a very good filter system without actually installing a plugin to perform that.

6. Streamline

Paid Themes for Shopify

This lovely plugin helps you to showcase your story with the images of the products. You can display the images and story with it. One can tell the product and brand story using supplementary images and text on the product pages.

This theme also offers a way where product pages can be loaded in advance for quick shopping without leaving the page. And if you don’t know this is designed specifically for smaller devices and mobile commerce.

Who does not love eye-catching animated content? This wonderful theme makes your content stand out throughout your store with multiple texts, image, and page animations.

7. Empire


Pixel Union supports this theme. Is your store one with many products? Then this is the ideal theme you can choose. It is ideal for stores with a large number of products. Is your customer interested to filter the products? Then, this allow customers to filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.

You can draw your customers that would promote sales, discounts, and featured products with special promotional tiles. If your page is too loaded with things your customers may need help, right? So, this displays menu lists on your store’s home page to acknowledge consumers to easily operate extensive catalogues.

8. Vogue

Paid Themes for Shopify

If you want a theme where you can highlight your images with full resolution then, Vogue may help. It helps you to showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your store and the store will get a classy look.

If you want to showcase a look book on our page then this has to be your choice. You can make your products in a lookbook that displays collections in an editorial-style spread, that would give a chic look to the site.

This provides a very wide layout. It helps to get the image in their entire width. It also helps to feature products, collections, social media links, and more in a simple sidebar menu.

9. Providence

Paid Themes for Shopify

Haven’t you seen images sliding over the website? It looks amazing with any numbers of options. They help to display various product or brand images on your home page.

You can tell your story by highlighting a YouTube or Vimeo video front and centre. If your customers need extra information about a product then they just need to hover over the product. We can zoom onto the product and see the details of the product.

Customers can add the products into the cart without leaving the page. The support team is also very active and alert to help you.

10. Editions

Paid Themes for Shopify

This theme is a light weight theme. It features a large multi-level drop-down menu to help customers easily navigate your store. The customers can get a very good filter option. It allow customers to filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.

If there are many products then loading products on new page would be troublesome. What if this provides an infinite scrolling feature? One can scroll through products as they automatically load on the same page.

These are Best Paid Themes for Shopify that we would like you to try out. Do give it a try and let us know your review.

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